Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the cooler weather, the fall leaves, and of course everything pumpkin!

One of the first rooms you see when you walk into my house is my living room and recently I bought the cutest four-tiered corner shelf from Wayfair.com. It looks perfect in the corner of my living room, and it is perfect for decorating for the holidays.

I am really big on decorating for the holidays and I have so many hand-made decorations for every occasion. This is why I thought that this shelf would be perfect for fall decorating. Recently, I saw a tutorial for using old liquor bottles to make painted pumpkins. Well, I don’t have any old liquor bottles but I realized that I could make something similar using some thrift store vases.

I picked up two matching vases at my local thrift store. I chose these ones because they had long necks which would be perfect for adding the embellishments to. Plus, they cost me only $2 — for both of them!

After brining them home I spray painted both vases white.

I then used some acrylic paint. I used several shades of orange, as well as a few drops of white and red paint. I used a toothpick to mix the colors together. I used a chip brush and lightly dipped it into the swirled paint. Then paint it onto the vase, using light strokes, all going in the same direction. It is ok if the white shows through.

Don’t paint the stem part of the vase, or if you do, paint it a dark color. I opted to keep mine white.

I had an approximately 4″ piece of burlap that I decided to use to make the “stem”. If you are using burlap this wide, fold it in half. Otherwise, just use the regular strip. Place a thin strip of hot glue along the lip of the vase stem and glue the burlap to it. Then wrap the burlap around the neck of the vase until you get to the top of where you painted. This should totally cover the white.

Once you have wrapped the neck of the vase with the burlap and have it totally covered you can add in the embellishments. I purchased several sprays of fall decor at our local craft store. I cut down the stems and tucked it into the folds of the burlap to cover the stem.

Now you have a beautiful fall decoration to display in your home! It looked perfect on that shelf and I absolutely love the fact that these are what greet my guests when they come over.

This holiday season, check out all of the home decor ideas and storage ideas that Wayfair has to offer at Wayfair.com.

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