Abandoned Kitchen

This post isn’t about saving money, parenting, or crafting. It is however, a chance for you as my readers to get to know me a little better. History has always been one of my interests. Included in this is also historic or old buildings. I seem to have an eye for picking things out that may have some sort of historical significance.

Unfortunately, these historic buildings, especially if they are abandoned, are at high risk of demolition. When developers come in and want to build new offices, strip malls, or parking lots, these buildings often get the short end of the stick. That is why I feel it is so important to photograph them. We don’t know where we are going unless we can remember where we’ve been.

This old house has been slated to be demolished in order to make room for a road expansion. I had the opportunity to snap a few pictures of the house’s interior before it was torn down.

Abandoned kitchens are so eerie to me. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, yet these kitchens are so cold, so silent and empty. You can almost envision the family sitting around the dinner table, or the kids doing homework. Now all that is there are the open, broken cabinets; a ghostly outline from where the refrigerator once was, and the sound of the nearby road.

I look forward to sharing some of these photographs with you.

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