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GoodNites_titleBeing confident is something that we want to instill in our kids. We want them to feel secure in who they are. However, as parents, when our children have trouble with bed wetting worry about what it might do to our child’s self esteem.

Will they be embarrassed by it? Will they ever be able to go to sleepovers? Will they feel different from the other kids?

Did you know that one out of every six 4 to 12-year-olds wet the bed? Mom, you are not alone.

Even though bedwetting is common, it can still be frustrating to both the parents and the children. As a parent who has gone through this myself, I understand what you are going through. This is why I came up with a list of 4 ways to reward your children for dry nights and to boost their self-esteem in the meantime. This way, you will both be able to rest easy.

TreasureChest1Create a Reward System. Create some sort of a reward system for when your child goes all night without an accident. This will provide a goal for them to work towards. One of Little E’s favorite reward systems was his Pirate Chest and rock collection. We made a pirate chest and every time that he had a dry night he would be allowed to pick a rock to add to his rock collection.

Provide Plenty of Encouragement and Praise. It is important to boost your child’s confidence. Do this by providing plenty of encouragement. As a parent, it can be frustrating when your child has nighttime accidents, but it is important not to let them see your frustration. Children will eventually outgrow this nighttime wetting so be patient and in the meantime give your child plenty of reassurance and support.

CheeriosInToiletMake a Game of It. Going to the potty is something that should be relaxed and not cause any stress. To help your child feel empowered to use the potty, and to help make it fun create little games to play. I have done things such as putting Cheerios in the toilet for Little E to “aim” and hit or even going outside on a tree as a way of making potty training “fun.” No matter what you do, using the potty shouldn’t seem like a chore or something that they will potentially get in trouble over.

Make a Long Term Reward. You have the treasure chest for everyday short term rewards, but it also helps to set a longer term reward such as a special trip to the amusement park, allowing them a special dinner out, or some other sort of special event. This will give your child something to look forward to and work toward.

GoodnitesProductsAnother important aspect to handling nighttime wetting is having the right products. I depend on GoodNites® bedtime pants to help us with nighttime wetting. Their five layer protection is more absorbant than the leading training pants. The stretchy sides fit a variety of shapes and sizes and provides protection just where girls and boys need it most.

Additionally, the disposable GoodNites® bedtime pants provide outstanding protection from leaks in any sleep position. Plus, my son loves that it comes in fun character designs such as Marvel’s Iron Man (S/M) or camo prints and skateboards (L/XL).

GoodnitesStorePicYou can pick up GoodNites® bedtime pants in the baby section of your nearest CVS.

Comment On: Have you ever experienced nighttime wetting? What are your suggestions for surviving this time while boosting your child’s confidence?

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