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This week is Car Seat Safety Week, something that is near and dear to my heart.

This summer was the first time I actually had to fly with my children. We decided to take a family trip to Disney. Since we flew, it also meant that I needed to rent a car — and also car seats.

I’m a stickler for car seat safety. When I’m at home I had both of my boys’ car seats installed by the State Police. I was concerned about the quality of an installation in a rental car.

Thankfully, I have peace of mind when renting a car. has certified child passenger safety technicians who install and write their Car Seat Checks. These guides help shed a little extra light on an otherwise confusing (and sometimes frustrating) process. This means that even when renting a car I will be able to reference the guides in order to install the car seats.

Whether you’ve rented, purchased, or driven a car, is there for you. The site is packed with information. You can view videos and reviews as well as specs and other important information.

Next time you are looking for information on cars, or even carseats, be sure to check out the website first!

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