Disney is a very popular destination, it sees around 600 million guest worldwide! With that being said, you can probably guess if you stop in for a visit, you will have a few lines to wait in! I will share some tips and tricks to help you avoid those long lines at Disney, when possible!

Lines are inevitable at Disney, but these tips can help you to limit your time standing in line! Just remember your at Disney, the most magical place in the world. Just have fun and try not to stress! 

Top Ways to Avoid Lines at Disney 

Visit During The Off Season: If possible, try to visit during the off season. From Early September, October, or late January, February, and then Early May are the best times. The park centers itself around the typical school calendar breaks. Summertime is the busiest time of the year by far.

Use FastPass+: When the park is really busy, try using your FastPass+, it will help reduce your wait time for up to three attractions in a day. I will share a lot more information on how to use and utilize the FastPass+ option. 

Arrive Early, Stay Late: Arrive early, when the park just opens. Head to your top attractions you want to do, and skip the high traffic on the high volume rides. Make a plan before you go to hit the most popular attractions first to maximize the slow traffic. Then as the day gets busier, use your FastPass+. Then if you stay late, you will be there as the park starts to fizzle out, and people will be leaving, and you will then again have a less crammed park to enjoy attractions. 

Parades: Parades happen multiple times per day, so make sure to make note of when the parades are taking place. If you want to attend one, arrive early so you get a good spot. If you don’t want to watch the parade, try to avoid the route of the parade. It is a great way to get stuck in traffic and unable to really navigate through the park. So try and steer clear of the parade route when you can. 

Lines App: Download the Lines app on your smartphone, available for Apple and Android devices. This app shows you Disney’s official wait times at rides and shows, plus it gives instant updates. You can create a touring plan, to maximize minimal wait times as much as possible. You can save 4 hours in a line with their custom tour plans. Plus you can search dining menus and much more. It is a very handy app to have.

Schedule a Character Meal: This is a great way for your little one to meet a character or two, and eat a meal. You can spend so much time in line waiting to meet characters. So schedule a character meal, just consult Disney’s website for a character meal, and make a reservation. These are very popular so make sure to reserve early! Then you can enjoy a meal and let your child meet a character they are looking forward to! 

Single Rider Lines: If you are wanting to ride a popular ride and are out of your Fast Passes, then try the Single Ride Line! This is a great way to enjoy a ride, faster. The single ride line, lets you get paired with another party, that has an odd number of people, which makes 1 seat available. So you won’t get to ride together as a family, but you can enjoy the ride and not have a long wait in line. 

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