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Bays English Muffin Mini Pizzas

Whenever my boys get home from school, they always seem to be starving. They are barely in the door before the choruses of “Mom! I’m hungry!” start. I always feel caught between giving them something that they like and is healthy, and not allowing them to fill up too much before dinner. In my kitchen creativity, I came up with a solution!

While both of my boys are picky eaters, one thing that they can both agree on is the fact that they love pizza. In fact, that is often my go-to if I want a stress-free dinner. I figured if pizza is something that they will actually eat, then why not incorporate it into their afternoon snack? When I came across some of the Bays English Muffins at my local grocery store I knew that they would be perfect for making mini pizzas.

Bays English Muffins are the perfect English Muffins to use for these mini pizzas. In addition to not just being a breakfast food, Bays English Muffins are delicious at any time of day. By the way, when you head to your local retailer to buy Bays, be sure to look in the refrigerated dairy case next to the eggs and milk and not with the rest of the bread.

These mini pizzas are super-easy to make and something that you can whip up in just a few minutes. This is perfect for when you have two, small ravenous beasts that want to be fed sooner rather than later!

Mini Pizza Ingredients

Split the English Muffin in half and place the halves on a piece of foil (you will eventually be putting this in the toaster oven). You will need only two ingredients to make the pizza itself, and this is actually something the kids can even do by themselves.

Spread some pizza sauce on the English Muffin and then top with finely shredded mozzarella. You can then add toppings such as mini pepperoni, peppers, onions, or even bacon bits!

Once you have the sauce, cheese, and toppings on the English Muffin, place the piece of foil on an oven-safe tray and place in the toaster oven. Cook on 400 degrees for approximately 7 minutes, or until the cheese and toppings are melty. Then, all you have to do is take it out, let it cool, and enjoy!

As I mentioned before, the Bays English Muffins are available in the refrigerated dairy case next to the eggs and milk. To find a location near you that carries Bays English Muffins, check out the Bays website, and for more delicious recipes, check out the Bays Facebook page!

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