I’m teaming up with the Campaign for Fair Education Funding to speak out for students across Pennsylvania. Although I am receiving some form of compensation, all opinions remain my own. #FairFundingPA

As parents, we all want our children to have bright futures and grow up to be successful adults. We want them to land good jobs and start their own families. The key to this, however, is education. Whether we’re preparing our kids for eventual college or trade school, it is vital that kids access adequate resources to take this next step.

You might be surprised that not all school districts are the same when it comes to the resources they provide for their students. In fact, there are many districts right here in Pennsylvania that struggle to meet students’ basic educational needs. This is why the Campaign for Fair Education Funding was established.

The Campaign for Fair Education Funding wants to ensure that every public school has the resources necessary to enable every child to meet state academic standards, be prepared for post-secondary success, and become productive, knowledgeable, and engaged adults. 

Sadly, some of us are personally familiar with this funding gap discrepancy.

My stepson,won’t have the same quality of education that my sons will have. You see, he attends a different school district in which his mother lives. This district is much more rural and has a much narrower tax base. This has resulted in his school not having as many technology resources available, as well as not scoring as proficiently on the Pennsylvania State Assessment Tests.

The fact that he wouldn’t have an equal opportunity to receive the high quality education as the students in the school district where we live is upsetting. What is even more upsetting is that he’s aware of this shortfall.

When he says that it isn’t fair that his friend across the street from our house has a robotics lab at his school when there isn’t anything like that at his, it’s heartbreaking. The bottom line is, it isn’t fair. No student’s educational experience should be based on the zip code their parents live in.

CFEF1Unfortunately, this is how the current system in Pennsylvania works. Right now, funding for school districts is largely dependent upon how much tax revenue the cities and townships within that district bring in.

This must change. I support the Campaign for Fair Education Funding, because I believe that Pennsylvania needs to adopt and maintain an adequate and equitable system of funding public education.

You too can help get all students the education that they deserve. Just a few of the ways to get involved are:

  • Support the campaign.
  • Contact your state legislators.
  • Speak out on social media.
  • Participate in an event.
  • Share your story.

Some Pennsylvanians have contacted their legislators, others have participated in an event, and still more have spoken out on social media.

Tweet_Chat_FB_share2Speaking of social media, a great way to get the word out about the Campaign for Fair Education Funding is through the Twitter party, which will be held at 1 p.m. on June 15.

Additionally, on Tuesday, June 23 the Campaign for Fair Education Funding along with hundreds of parents, students, teachers, and community leaders from across the state will rally for fair education funding at the state Capitol in Harrisburg. If you are in the Pittsburgh area like I am, there is free transportation being provided. Click HERE for more information.

It is our duty as Pennsylvanians, and most importantly as parents, to make sure that all students in Pennsylvania have an equal opportunity to succeed. However you choose to get involved in this campaign, start by visiting the Get Involved page of the website and sign up to receive campaign updates and information.

Our children are counting on us.

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