GardenRocks2Gardening season is finally here, and this year I’ve been determined to have a successful herb garden. The problem is that many herbs look very similar when they are in the ground but taste very different when you use them. This is why you want to be sure not to mix them up. 

You could stick the little plant tags in the ground, but they tend to fade and break. A lot of people use container gardens, but honestly, I’ve never had a whole lot of luck with those. Then, I found this garden marker rocks idea which is not only functional, but also super-cute! Plus, they are find to make with the kids. 

GardenRocks5I started with 5 medium-sized landscape stones, one for each of the herbs I planted. I used rounder ones, but you can use any size or shape you’d like. 

GardenRocks4I then picked out 5 bottles of vibrant-colored acrylic craft paint. No need to go expensive with these, the bottles that cost about $1 in any craft paint section will work just fine. Then, paint each rock a different color.

GardenRocks6After the rocks have dried, it is time to label them. There are several ways you can go about doing this and which you choose is completely up to you. For my rocks I used a fine-tipped paintbrush to pain the name of the herb onto the rock. Additionally, you could also use a white paint pen or a Sharpie to write the name on. I then used some small stencils to add in some decoration around the edges. 

After the lettering and the designs have dried it is time to make those rocks glow! I used glow-in-the-dark puffy paint for this. I traced over the letters of the plant names. You could also trace the decorations if you want to do that too. Now, once again, you let it dry. 

GardenRocks3Now wait until the sun goes down and watch them glow!

GardenRocks1After the rocks are completely dry you can go ahead and add them into your garden! Now you will never forget which plants you planted where.

Enjoy your summer garden!

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