I can do this.
Can I do this?
I can’t do this!
I have to do this.
How can I do this? 

This time last year, I was 8 months pregnant with my first baby. I thought I was prepared. I had read the books, been to the classes, and talked to other moms. I knew that there would be sleepless nights, and I KNEW I was going to breastfeed. Then E was born.

Boy was I wrong…about everything.

E ended up being born at 37 weeks because I was retaining water and it was driving my blood pressure up. Needless to say, I was even more unprepared. After being born, E wasn’t about to latch on in order to breastfeed. I had no clue that it could be so hard. I had signed up for a lactation class through my OB/GYN’s office, however, E was born before I could even attend.

I have to say that the lactation consultant at the hospital was less than helpful. She kept making me feel like it was MY fault. So, in addition to recovering from the delivery (which took over 21 hours) I was completely stressed out trying to figure out why E couldn’t latch on and wouldn’t feed. I started to get concerned because E hadn’t eaten since being born and I knew I needed to get something into him.

This is where sites like Baby Gooroo are sooo helpful. Baby Gooroo is a site where individuals with expertise in all things baby, especially breastfeeding, help moms navigate the road of parenthood.

The site focuses on four categories: breastfeeding, nutrition, health, and safety. Articles aren’t just for newborns either. You can find important information for before you baby is born, and also for the various stages of your child’s life.

Want to know how to prevent SIDS? When should you transition car seats? When should I start feeding baby solid foods? These are all questions that the Baby Gooroo website addresses.

In addition to getting valuable information, you can also purchase high quality burp cloths, bibs, towels, and skull caps, as well as educational materials that aid in breastfeeding.

In order to help spread awareness about the Baby Gooroo website, and the services it offers, Baby Gooroo is offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win a prize pack filled with items such as a towel, burp cloth, washcloth, hat, and educational materials.

Let me tell you, these are the SOFTEST products I have yet to find. I wish I could have a towel like these!

By the way, in conclusion to the story of breastfeeding my son. I ended up pumping and feeding him with a bottle for the first three months of his life. Not as long as I anticipated or would have liked, but by then I was suffering from postpartum depression and needed to work on taking care of myself. That is a story for another day though.

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  1. My biggest challenge was honestly my son adjusting to his sister. Fortunately, now we’re good!

    My biggest challenge for my first was losing weight. I lost more quickly after my second because I was more motivated…but then I lost the motivation 🙁

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