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Pennzoil4Road trip season has started! In fact, my husband and I are planning on heading to Ohio this week and then will be headed to the beach later this summer. As fun as these trips can be, they can also take a toll on your vehicle. This is why when you are hitting the road you will want to make sure your car is up for the trip too!

Neglecting your car can prove to be costly. This is why I have come up with a list of things to check before you head out.

Pennzoil3Check your tire pressure. In order to reduce the wear on your tires, and even improve gas mileage, your tires need to have the correct pressure. You can usually find your ideal tire pressure on the side of your car door, and if not there it should be in your owner’s manual. You can check your tire pressure at home by using a tire vague and, if you need to, use a compressor to add air. If you don’t have these you can usually check your pressure and add air at your nearest gas station.

Check your spare tire. Hopefully you won’t need your spare tire on your trip. Even if you don’t need it you will still want to make sure your tire has enough air and is in good condition. You will also want to make sure your car’s jack is in the car and you (or someone with you) knows how to change the tire. 

Check into Roadside Assistance. This is another one of these things that you hop to never use but is good to know you have. Whether it is a dead battery, flat tire, or any other emergency situation it is comforting to know that help is only a phone call away. There are many places that you can get roadside assistance coverage such as through your car dealer, insurance agent, wireless provider, or even a private agency. Wherever you get it, just make sure you are covered!

WFM4Check that you have an emergency kit in your car. I’m pretty sure that over the years we’ve experienced flat tires, dead batteries, and any other number of mishaps. That is why it is important to be prepared and to have an emergency kit with things such as jumper cables, a tire pressure gauge, gloves, reflector triangles, and a flashlight in it.

Pennzoil2Check your car’s battery health. In hot weather, your car’s battery is more likely to go dead. This is especially true if your battery is old. The last thing you want is to end up stuck somewhere with a dead battery. Instead, have your battery checked beforehand. You can have a diagnostic test on your battery at a tire center or auto parts store just to identify problems before they become, well, problems.

Give your car a once-over. Check the tire tread, brake pads, and even your windshield wipers. If there are any obvious things that need attention, make sure you take care of it ahead of time. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, you can always ask a trusted friend or even take your car to an auto center and have a professional take a look. 

Pennzoil5Check and change your oil. Your car’s motor oil is what keeps everything running smoothly. You need to change your oil every 3,000 miles in order to keep your car’s engine from breaking down. By having regular oil changes now, you can avoid serious issues later. 

Oil changes are one of those things that has to be done correctly in order to avoid doing serious damage to your car. That’s why I take my car to the Walmart Automotive Care Center for not only my oil changes but all of my automotive needs.

Another great feature of Walmart oil changes is the convenience. As a mom, I don’t have much extra time, especially not to sit around waiting for an oil change. This is why I love having Walmart change my oil. While the car is in the Automotive Care Center, I can use that time to do grocery shopping, have prescriptions filled, or whatever else I need to get done.

Pennzoil1I can get in, get out, and spend more time with my family instead of flipping through a months-old magazine in a waiting area!

unnamed-31This summer (June 10 to September 25) Pennzoil oil changes are on Rollback at the Walmart Automotive Care Center. You can choose between the high mileage oil change which is $35.88 (regular Walmart price is $39.88) or the Platinum Full Synthetic which is $45.88 (regular Walmart price is $49.88). 

We use Pennzoil oil in our vehicles because it offers complete engine protection as well as allowing you to drive an extra 550 more miles per year than you would get with a dirty engine. It also provides better protection from friction and does not leave behind sludge unlike some other oils. Additionally, Pennzoil offers a free warranty that covers 15 engine parts that may fail due to engine wear or which experience abnormal wear due to friction.

Are you planning a road trip this summer? If so, where are you going?


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  1. Awesome news about the rollback! We are taking several roadtrips to Vermont coming up soon, so I know an oil change will be in our near future. Thanks for sharing! #client

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