Ghost Luminaries

Halloween is tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to create some cute (and inexpensive!) decorations for your home. What is even better, is that these luminaries will help light your sidewalk so no little trick-or-treaters trip and fall. In addition, these ghost luminaries are super easy and cheap!

How to Make DIY Halloween Ghost Luminaries from Milk Jugs

What you need:

Halloween LuminariesI started out by printing out a pumpkin carving template. The one I did was printable, but you can also use one of the ones in a book. Just make sure the template isn’t too big for the milk jug.

Ghost LuminariesUsing the X-Acto knife, I cut out the template so it would look like a stencil. If you are good at drawing, you can always skip this step, but I am not good drawing freehand so I went the stencil route!

Milk Jug LuminariesAfter you have cut out the stencil use a Sharpie to trace the outline of the stencil.

LuminariesAfter you have created the outline, go ahead and fill it in with a Sharpie.

Ghost LuminariesGet creative with the stencils you use. It makes it much more fun when each milk jug has a different face!

When you are ready to put the ghost luminaries out for Trick-or-Treat you will need to put something in them to weigh them down as well as lighting them. For mine, I put about an inch of sand in the bottom and also used a battery-operated tea light.

I chose the battery-operated tea lights because I had some trouble with actual tea lights going out, plus they are a fire hazard if the jug gets knocked over. In addition, you don’t want a child’s costume to catch fire! You can pick up the battery-operated tea lights at your local Dollar Tree and after Halloween you can even use them for your Christmas projects!

Luminaries6 copyI can’t wait to put these out for Trick-or-Treating tomorrow. I think they will be so cute!

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