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Everyone knows I love saving money, especially on things that I’m going to be purchasing anyway. Whether it is credit card rewards, coupons, or other store loyalty programs, I like them all. This is one of the reasons that I love shopping at Giant Eagle. 

Giant Eagle has always been my hometown grocery store. I love how it not only helps to support the local community but it also features great ways to save on everyday purchases. When I found out about the new fuelperks+ program. I know that I already save with GetGo’s gas, prescription copays, Curbside Express, and gift cards, but now I can save even more — just buy buying the things that my family needs.

If you are new to the Giant Eagle fuelperks+ program, you will need to sign up for an Advantage Card. This is how you will track and redeem your perks. All you have to do to sign up for one is visit the Customer Service desk at your local Giant Eagle or you can even register over the phone by calling 1-800-620-0216. f you don’t have an advantage card and would like to sign up to track when you earn and redeem perks, you can visit the Customer Service desk. Or, you can register by phone; just call 1-866-620-0216.

For every 50 perks it allows you to get an additional 2% off of your groceries or $0.10 off per gallon of gas. Plus, there are so many different ways to earn using this new perks program. 

Pharmacy. You can earn 50 perks for every five scripts that you fill at the pharmacy. This doesn’t include the fact that you also get 1 perk for every $1 spent out-of-pocket on things like prescription copays. 

Gift Cards. Stock up on gift cards to give as gifts or just keep them on hand to use as cash. Regardless of how you decide to spend the cards, you will receive 1 perk for every dollar you spend on gift cards.

Groceries. Whenever you buy groceries at Giant Eagle or Market District, you will receive 1 perk for every $1 you spend. This means that you can stock up on grocery items, personal care items, household items, and even pet supplies and earn with every purchase. 

Fuel. This is a really quick way to accumulate perks. For every gallon of gas you pump you will receive 2 perks. So if you put 15 gallons in your car, you will receive 30 perks.

So what do I do with the perks?

There are so many different ways to accumulate perks, so why be limited on just one way to redeem them? If fact, Giant Eagle is giving you the power to choose how you’d like to redeem your points. In fact you can redeem them for up to 20% off of any grocery order (in a single transaction of up to $10,000 in qualifying purchases) or up to a free tank of gas (30 gallons of fuel in one transaction for a single vehicle). If you have perks totaling more than the price of fuel or over 20%, it will be available to be used in a future shopping trip. 

To find out more about how the Perks program works, and to get 100 bonus perks in the process, click HERE

I also love the fact that I can accumulate perks on my Curbside Express purchases as well since I love the ease of the Curbside Express service. 

fuelperks+, Curbside Express, and saving money are all reasons why I love being able to shop at my neighborhood Giant Eagle.

Comment On: Have you tried the fuelperks+ program yet? Would you choose the discount on groceries or on fuel?

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