Extended stays in the hospital are never very fun. You can’t sleep in your own bed, eat the food you want, and even worse, you can’t wear your own clothes. When I had E, I spend three days in the hospital. The first I was in labor, and then I spent two days recovering. It wasn’t until the second day of my stay that I was finally able to wear my own clothes. I really wish I had planned ahead.


Now that I am preparing to have another baby, I am looking ahead to the hospital stay. With E, the hospital gown I was given at admission didn’t fit well and was itchy and rough. Also, being the germaphobe that I am, I was a little uneasy about the fact that there were stains on the gown. PatientStyle gowns are the perfect solution to this.

PatientStyle gowns are perfect for anyone who is planning to be in the hospital for any length of time. These gowns provide the access that medical professionals need while still giving you the kind of coverage you want. What is even better is that the PatientStyle gowns have overlapping panels so that your backend isn’t exposed whenever you might be walking the halls (embarrassing!). My favorite part is that these gowns come in cute colors and patterns.

The PatientStyle gowns come in several different styles. You can get the Tie Gown, IV Snap Gown, Nursing Gown, Modesty Gown, and Mammography Top. What I find particularly interesting is the Modesty Gown. I guess up until this point I had never considered what someone who’s religion requires a head-covering would do when in the hospital.


I chose the Nursing Gown to review. My plan for when I deliver the next baby is to take the nursing gown with me in order to wear up until it is time to push. I don’t want the gown to get too messy so I would switch to one of those hospital-issued gowns for the actual delivery. I then plan to change back into one of my own gowns afterwards.

This nursing gown is so soft, so much nicer than the ones they have at the hospital. It has an inverted center pleat which provides privacy for both mother and baby while nursing. What I love is that because it has the inverted pleat, you don’t have to worry about the openings coming open and flashing everyone when you aren’t nursing!

The only downside to this gown is that it is one size fits all, and being petite, it seemed quite large on me. Then again if you listen to my husband he says that I am only halfway through the pregnancy so by the end it might fit me!

The PatientStyle gowns are available for purchase in both retail and wholesale. Individuals can purchase these gowns for their own use, as I plan to when I have the new baby. They can also be purchased wholesale for use in hospitals or doctors’ offices.

If you are planning ahead to a hospital stay, this is your lucky day! PatientStyle is giving me the opportunity to give away one of their great nursing gowns and fleece socks! Enter through the form below. The contest will run through 11:59 p.m. on November 28, 2013.


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