Messy Sock Drawer

My sock drawer was a mess. Everything was all jumbled together. Some socks had matches, others were just loose in the drawer. There was no rhyme or reason to anything. I decided I needed to do something instead of just continuing to jam them into the drawer.

Sock Drawer Organization

This is where the part about making a bigger mess comes in. In order to try and organize the drawer, I had to unload the drawer. I pulled all of the socks out and put them all in a laundry basket.  After I put all of the socks in the basket, I started matching up some of the “strays.” Then I weeded out all of the socks that were worn and threw them in the rag bin.

I then used a drawer divider and divided my winter boot socks from my athletic socks. I folded all of the pairs of socks and put them back into the drawer. Now I am actually able to find the socks I am looking for and don’t have to struggle to get the drawer closed!

Sock Drawer Organization

Even though I had to make a mess in the process, I was able to clean and organize the drawer and make my life easier!

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