Green Rag Wreath on a white door. The wreath is embellished with a leprechaun hat and orange bow.One of my favorite types of wreaths to make are holiday-themed rag wreaths. These wreaths are so cute when they are finished, plus they are really easy to make. In fact they are pretty much fool-proof.

For this wreath I chose four different types of fabric: light green, dark green, a sheer metallic fabric with shamrocks on it, and some white and green fabric.

To check out exactly how to make this wreath, you can check out my full tutorial HERE.

Large wreath bow made from leprechaun and orange ribbons.Once I completed attaching the fabric to the wreath, it was time to attach the finishing embellishments. For this wreath, I decided to embellish it with a large bow. For a bow such as this one, you will probably want to use wire ribbon in order to help the bow keep it’s shape.

My grandmother was born and raised in Northern Ireland and when I was growing up she would tell me that if you wear green on St. Patricks’s Day that you also need to wear a bit of orange with it. This is to honor Norther Ireland, or the Orange Irish. It’s for this reason that I added a small orange ribbon into the larger bow. Just hold the two ribbons together as you make the bow.

Once you have finished the bow, go ahead`and attach it to the wreath. Now, use a wreath hanger and hang it on your door for everyone to enjoy!

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