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MoreThanASAHMI never realized how much my sense of identity was tied up in my job until I actually stopped working.

I have always known that I wanted to be a stay at home mom. That’s why when I found out I was pregnant, I left my corporate communications job behind in order to be with my new son. This is when I began to struggle.

After the initial chaos of having a new baby wore off, I found myself being lost. My husband traveled a lot for his job, so I found myself sitting at home (alone) with the baby. I began to wonder if I had made a mistake. Deep down, I knew that I had made the right decision for myself and my family. I wanted to be able to be there if the kids were sick and had to stay home from school, or if they had a school event that I wanted to attend. I wanted to be able to take the kids to Idlewild in the summer.

That is when I started this blog. I wanted to be able to regain my sense of self while still being able to be there for my kids.

You see, motherhood forces you to adapt. This may mean carving out your own niche, or finding a career path that allows more flexibility. I know that one of these jobs is being a real estate agent.

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend an event sponsored by Northwood Realty. I was really surprised at how much Northwood really supports mothers. They place significant value on moms as employees and they provide built-in flexibility to help moms succeed.

In fact, the experience and skills that moms possess are something that Northwood values and can also translate into successful agents.

The bottom line is this, just because you might choose to stay at home with your children, you don’t have to lose your identity. You can be a mother as well as a successful businesswoman.

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