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It’s almost Easter and if you are anything like me you are probably working on getting together the last few things for your kids’ Easter baskets. I always try to come up with cute themed ideas to make their holidays extra special.

I have been searching the Internet for some clever ideas for this year’s baskets and I’ve found some ideas that are really too good not to share. That’s why I’ve come up with these 5 ideas that are perfect for themed Easter baskets.

Ideas for Themed Easter Baskets

Baseball Baskets: If you have a teenage boys, this baseball basket is a perfect way to give not only some Easter goodies but to tuck everything into a baseball cap. (Courtesy of An Alli Event)

Edible Easter Basket: I made one of these two years ago and it came out too cute! You hot glue movie theater-style boxes of candy together to form a basket. The best part is the you don’t have to store a basket for the rest of the year since your kids will have it eaten in no time!

Candy Free Basket: Let’s face it, often kids don’t need any additional candy. This is why this candy-free basket is so cute! Filled with lots of fun toys, this basket is one that your kids will love! (Courtesy of Frugal Mom Eh!)

Baby’s First Basket: I remember trying to come up with ideas for my sons’ first Easter baskets. I came up with some products that are perfect for those little ones who are having their first Easter.

Gift Card Basket: This basket is perfect for someone who you don’t know what to get. Purchase a variety of gift cards and tuck them in among the grass and the eggs.

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