Finished Sculpted Polymer Clay Easter EggsI love the look of the intricate Easter Eggs. Whether they are done with jewels such as Faberge eggs, or some other materials, I think they are just beautiful. It was these kinds of eggs that inspired me to create these sculpted polymer clay Easter eggs this year.

To create these eggs, you will need the following materials:

  • white wooden Easter egg
  • complimentary colors of polymer clay (I chose red, yellow, and orange as well as purple, blue, and white)
  • rhinestones
  • glitter fabric glue

Rolls of polymer clay on white wooden Easter eggI began by making two “starting” spots on the egg. For those areas I made a nautilus with a twisted piece of clay. I began working out from there.

PolymerClayEgg2I rolled a small, thin piece of clay and had it wrap around the two focal points and connect them together.

As I kept working out from the focal points, I added additional layers of decoration including strands of twisted clay, small clay balls, and feather-shaped embellishments.

PolymerClayEgg3While you continue to add the strands, the sections will begin to meet up. Fill in any gaps in the sections.

FinishedEgg FinishedEgg2Once you have attached all of the clay, you will want to bake the clay according to the instructions on the package. This will allow the clay to harden. Wait for the clay to cool before touching it.

After the clay was baked, I added strips of rhinestones twisting through the middle of the egg. I also filled in any empty section with some silver and gold metallic fabric paint.

A cool tone and a warm tone sculpted Easter eggThese sculpted polymer clay eggs would be perfect for an Easter basket table centerpiece, bowl, or just to nestle in with your other Easter eggs. No matter which way you use them, they are sure to be beautiful and the highlight of your Easter decorations!

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