Make Your Own Halloween Carved Apple Shrunken Head — So Creepy!

Forget pumpkin carving this Halloween! Check out this creepy way to carve an apple and make it into a shrunken head!  My husband and I were talking one day and he was telling me about how he would carve apples and bake them so they would look like a shrunken head. I thought this seemed like a really neat idea so we decided to try it with the kids. I have to say that I was really surprised and how cool-looking these came out!  How to make a Carved Apple Shrunken Head Materials you will need: Apple Knife Oven Craft … [Read More...]

Luminaries6 copy

Quick, Inexpensive DIY Halloween Ghost Luminaries

Halloween is tomorrow, but that doesn't mean you don't have time to create some cute (and inexpensive!) decorations for your home. What is even better, is that these luminaries will help light your sidewalk so no little trick-or-treaters trip and fall. In addition, these ghost luminaries are super … [Read More...]


Finding Hope After Experiencing a Miscarriage

October just isn't for Breast Cancer Awareness, it's also the month of Pregnancy and Infant Loss. Although the idea of losing a pregnancy might seem unfathomable, it is a sad reality for more than a quarter of all women. What is important is realizing that you are not alone. Although I … [Read More...]


Easy No-Carve Monogram Glitter Pumpkin

I love no-carve pumpkins. Often I spend so much time and energy decorating the pumpkin that I hate the thought of just throwing it away after Halloween. Thankfully, with the invention of craft pumpkins, I can put as much time and effort as I want into decorating the pumpkin and then I can just save … [Read More...]