Peppa Pig Birthday Party App and DVD Make Special Days Fun!

Disclosure: I participated in this campaign on behalf of Child's Play Communications. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.  Does your child have a birthday coming up? Or maybe he or she will be attending a birthday party soon? Either way, what is better way to help your kids prepare than with the help of a cute DVD and iPhone app? Sound good? Then, look no further than Peppa Pig! Peppa Pig is a lovable little pig who lives with her brother, George; Mommy Pig; and Continue reading >
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Ways to Create Baby’s First Easter Basket

Easter is less than two weeks away and if you are like me, you might be wondering what you can do for your baby's first Easter. R will only be two months old at Easter, so Peeps, jellybeans, and chocolate aren't very appropriate. Even teething biscuits and puffs won't work. Therefore, I had to get creative. My friends at MAM had a great idea for a fun basket for infants. The first Easter basket doesn't need to be elaborate, because let's face it, they can't eat candy and at this age they don't Continue reading >
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WubbaNub Helps Babies Keep Their Pacifiers In (and Keeps Parents Sane!)

As parents we all know the scenario: the baby is fussing so you give him a pacifier, but before you can even sit back down, the pacifier falls out and the crying starts again! This can go on for what seems like forever. Having a two month old baby, this is a scenario that I am familiar with. Very familiar with. In my desperation to get a little bit of peace, I scoured Google trying to come up with a solution to R spitting out his pacifier. There was one product that kept coming up over and over Continue reading >
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Review: WipesWraps Dress Up Ugly Wipes Containers!

Anyone who has or has had children knows that you need lots of wipes. There is one wipes container in the nursery, one in the living room, one in the bathroom, one in the diaper bag, and maybe even one in the kitchen! If you are like our family and have wipes containers all through the house, you also know that most wipes containers are just plain ugly. When something as unattractive as a wipes container is such a big part of your life, of course you would want to do something to make it a little Continue reading >
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Campbell’s Soup Helps Keep You Heart Healthy #sponsored

This post was sponsored by Cambell Soup Company, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Spring is finally here and everyone is thinking about getting bathing suit ready. While looking good is always an admirable goal, why not work on getting heart healthy at the same time? The problem is, eating healthy and keeping in shape can be difficult especially for busy families on the go. I will admit that this is one of the problems my family has. Often, after a busy day it is tempting to just order Continue reading >
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Daniel Tiger’s “Be My Neighbor Day” Encourages Acts of Kindness

I remember one time when I was a young child that I went to visit my grandfather who was in the hospital. We were waiting for the elevator and when the elevator doors opened, Mister Rogers was on it! Although now I only have vague recollections of the encounter, my mother remembers it well. She said that in person Mister Rogers was the same person that we saw on TV. He stopped the conversation that he was having with another man and began talking to me. In addition, he talked to me instead of Continue reading >
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Review: Boba 4G Makes Managing Two Kids Easy

  Before having R, I had no idea how difficult juggling two young children could be. I envisioned being able to hold the baby and still be able to take care of E. This couldn't be further from the truth. In actuality, it was difficult to get anything done when the baby wants to be held and the toddler also wants my attention. Forget trying to get housework done! With E I had had a front pack carrier, but I didn't use it very often. Then, I read that baby carriers in which the baby's legs hang Continue reading >
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Review: Bundoo Helps You Navigate the Road of Parenthood

Disclosure: I received site credit for Bundoo in exchange for a post about the show. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As a first-time mom, and even now as a second-time mom, I have a lot of questions. I am much more relaxed this time, however, each child is different so different problems arise each time. When, as a parent, I have questions I want to know that I have a trusted resource I can turn to in order to get more information. Bundoo is one of those resources. offers Continue reading >
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Bright Starts Having a Ball Pop & Roll Roadster Review

In the past couple of months, E has really taken an interest in ride-on vehicles. One of his favorite things to do is race through our kitchen, dining room, and hallway. He has tried several different vehicles, but the Bright Starts Having a Ball Pop & Roll Roadster is one of his favorites. We have tried different ride-ons but many of them have wider-set wheels which makes it somewhat difficult for him to push it with his feet. The back wheels kept hitting him in the heels. The Pop & Continue reading >
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Review and Giveaway: Kong Dog Toys Keep Dogs Entertained for Hours

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Finding the perfect dog toy can be difficult. With our dog, Ginger, we tried different toys but were having trouble finding something she really liked. We knew that she liked stuffed animals with squeakers, but with many of them she was able to rip them apart in no time. Once she removed the squeaker then she would proceed to destuff the animal. I was tired of picking up pieces of stuffing from all over the house and then having to throw Continue reading >
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