Prayer Wimp No More! Max Lucado’s “Before Amen” Inspires


To preface this post, I want to mention that Max Lucado's Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer might not have been a book I would have chosen on my own. I might have thought that this book wasn't something I needed, or even wanted, to read. That being said, I ale feel that God can lead people to certain products. I feel that God knew that I needed the message that was in this book, which is why He allowed me to be chosen to do this ... [ Read More ]

5 Ways to Make a Memorable Family Movie Night with Pop Secret!

Pop Secret Popcorn Pillow Forts

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pop Secret. When I was younger, my imagination often ran wild. My friends and I were constantly playing make believe, hide and seek, and pretty much any other made up game. Remember jumping from couch to chair or cushion and you couldn't touch the floor because it was water or hot lava? That was so much fun! It is my hope to always encourage imaginative and creative play in my boys and Pop Secret ... [ Read More ]

Conquer Your Closet! 3 Essentials for the January Closet Organizing Challenge


*This post is sponsored by* Did you know January is Organization Month? You know what that means? It's time to start tackling those closets, cupboards, storage rooms, and even under the beds. To "celebrate" this month, I decided to tackle our upstairs linen closet.  This closet is bad.  It has sort of become a household catch-all area. A place to stash things when we want them out of sight. It ended up being a ... [ Read More ]

Remembering Cinema World in Eastgate Plaza (Greensburg, PA)


You know how you might have taken a picture of something, and then years later are glad you did? I have so many pictures like that, but this one in particular is something I'm so glad I had the forethought to take. Cinema World (also known as the Eastgate Theater) in Greensburg, PA was one of those places that I have so many childhood memories from. It was one of the first theaters that I was allowed to go to with just my friends (and no ... [ Read More ]

Wilton Armetale Gourmet Grillers Help You Prepare for Game Day!


Thousands of Americans will be watching the Super Bowl this year. I'm sort of bummed out that my hometown team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are out, but our family will still be watching.    Whether you are having a large group of people over to your house, or if you are just watching with your family, you want a versatile way to serve your food. The Wilton Armetale Gourmet Grillware is one of these perfect pieces.    The ... [ Read More ]

Creating Fabric Wall Panels and Race Car Picture for a Toddler Room

Car Themed Wall Panels

Last year, we moved E into a "big boy" room. We knew Baby R was on the way and we would soon need the nursery for him. We took this as an opportunity to completely redo our spare bedroom and make it into a room that a 2-year old would love.  My husband said he had always wanted a race car themed room when he was young, so we decided to go in that direction for E. I didn't want to do some sort of ready-made design, but instead I wanted ... [ Read More ]

The BEST Extra Strength DIY Diaper Cream for Difficult Diaper Rash


My boys both have very delicate, sensitive skin. I guess they get that sensitivity from me (blasted red hair!). Unfortunately, with the sensitive skin also comes the dreaded diaper rash. It was especially bad in the weeks after Baby R was born. I tried all of the diaper creams that were available at the store. Nothing worked. In desperation, I asked the doctor what I should do. She told me she could prescribe a medicated diaper cream (which ... [ Read More ]