When we brought E home from the hospital he wasn’t a very good sleeper. Ok he was a really bad sleeper, and I was overwhelmed. Naps were the worst. I was so tired from being up all night, but it seemed that as soon as I would get E to sleep he would start flailing his arms around. It wouldn’t be long before he would work himself into a frenzy and then no one would get any sleep.

It was then that I discovered that if I swaddled E, everyone slept a lot better. The swaddle kept him snuggled like he had been used to for the past 9 months while also keeping him from flailing his arms. I had been concerned about swaddling him in a blanket because of the risk of the blankets coming loose. This is when products such as the Zen Swaddle are lifesavers!

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The Zen Swaddle is the first swaddle that actually mimics your touch. There are two areas, the Peaceful Touch area which is just under the lower chest, and the Loving Embrace sections which are on each side of the baby. These areas are made from poly-beads. The Loving Embrace area is meant to mimic your hand on the baby’s chest while the Loving Embrace area is meant to simulate the feeling of being in your arms. The pressure area on the stomach also helps reduce gas and colic.

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The Zen Swaddler has an interior leg pouch for a snugger fit during the first few weeks, and an extra long sack for room to grow. In addition, it offers an arms-out option for babies who don’t like to have their arms in.

Like all swaddles, once your baby starts to roll over or shows signs of breaking free, discontinue the use of the swaddle.

E is now too old for a swaddle, but I know that if we have another little one that I will be buying more swaddles! If you want to order one of these for yourself, or if you know someone who is having a baby, you can purchase the Zen Swaddle on Amazon.


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