Every Day a Blessing Book

Life is filled with blessings. Some blessings are very obvious, but there are also blessings in disguise. Of course, after the birth of my son I felt like I was the luckiest person alive and so blessed. Then, when we were selling out house and it was taking forever to sell and deal after deal fell through I felt like things were hopeless.

As adults we can learn that there are also blessings in the prayers that aren’t answered, or the things that don’t seem to go our way, but this can be much more difficult for children. It is easy for children to feel scared or confused when bad things happen. This is where books such as Every Day a Blessing are so useful in explaining these situations to children.

In Every Day a Blessing, children will learn to not only see God’s blessings in happy days, but to see His loving hand in hard days as well. Developing a habit of giving thanks in all circumstances will lead children to a lifelong spirit of gratitude.

Each devotion features Scripture and a bite-sized message that will keep the attention of young minds. Devotions also have a takeaway to help children engage with the message and apply its meaning to their lives.

Some of the other features of this book are:

  • Helps kids realize how richly they are blessed
  • Scriptures and takeaways help develop a spirit of thankfulness early in life
  • Kids will learn that life doesn’t have to be perfect for them to see God’s blessings and love for them.

This book is geared toward children ages 6 to 10.

BUY IT: You can purchase this book through Amazon or at your local Christian bookstore for $12.99.

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  1. My husband applied for a much higher paid job and didn’t get it:( I was SOOO upset! several months later the job of his dreams became available! He would never have had the opportunity if god wouldn’t have closed that first door!

  2. I was driving down a busy intersection and I accidently ran through the red light and several cars were going through the light on the opposite side of the street. When they saw my car, the drivers drove around me. This prevented me from having a terrible car accident.

  3. I wanted another baby,but my husband and I thought we couldn’t pay for the reversal (vasectomy) so that we could try. I found a christian doctor that was reasonable and now we have a 6 year old girl name Mia

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