We went to visit the Westmoreland County Air Show today. This year, the military jets were a little different. Instead of the Navy’s Blue Angels, who have headlined at many of the past air shows, this year it was the U.S. Air Force’s precision F-16 team, the Thunderbirds.

Whether it is the Navy or the Air Force, these jets put on quite the show. With the area’s unique hills and valleys, it allows the jets to ride the ridges and disappear into the trellises, adding an element of surprise to their show.

This is the 20th year that Westmoreland County has played host to the air show, and I must say that I enjoy every year!

As we waited in one of the fields for the start of the Thunderbirds performance, I prepared my camera. For the first time since I bought it almost 8 months ago I broke out my new camera. I was so excited to be able to get some close-up shots of the planes. 

Just as the Thunderbirds held up their end of the bargain by preforming a spectacular show, and I was able to get some great pictures. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them!


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