Turkey_Cookie_TitleIt’s time to start thinking about Thanksgiving treats. Whether you need some cute and creative treats for Thanksgiving dinner, a school treat, or anything else these turkey sugar cookie sandwiches are it. Plus, they can keep a really fun surprise inside. 

Turkey_Cookie1I bought a special cookie cutter in order to make the surprise compartment, but if you have two of the same cookie cutters, one larger and one smaller, it will work.

Turkey_Cookie2 Turkey_Cookie3I used some store-bought sugar cookie mix, but if you have another sugar cookie recipe that will work too. Prepare the batter as directed. Once you have mixed the batter, roll it flat. Press the cookie cutters into the dough. For every two full shapes, press the cookie cutter into the center of it. Then, bake the cookies.

Turkey_Cookie4While the cookies are baking, mix some color into the icing. For the turkeys you could use the chocolate icing, but I wanted something a little lighter so you could see the design of the turkey. Just mix some red and yellow into a container of frosting. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I chose a cream cheese frosting flavor. 

Turkey_Cookie5 Turkey_Cookie6After the cookies are baked and cooled, you will want to start putting the sandwiches together. One of the solid pieces will serve as the bottom.

Turkey_Cookie7Put a layer of icing on one side of the cookie with the center cut out. Press that into the back piece of the cookie. 

Turkey_Cookie8Then you will want to put a treat of your choosing in the center compartment. I chose M&Ms, but you could also put chocolate chips or peanut butter pieces in the center. 

Turkey_Cookie9Put some of the icing along the edges of the the center piece of the sandwich and press the top piece of the sandwich on. You will then want to cover the rest of the top of the cookie as well as the edges with icing. 

After you have covered the cookie sandwich with the icing, it is time to decorate! I used a Wilton turkey decorating kit which I was able to get at Michael’s. Start by putting the two eyes in the center (maybe slightly lower) of the cookie. 

After putting on the eyes, put one of the red “drops” with the rounded side down to make the gibbler. Then you will want to cut one of the yellow pieces into a triangle. This will make the beak.

After making the face, you will want to create the feathers. These will be made up of eight of the raindrop pieces. Two of each color. Put these along the top of the cookie. 

Turkey_Cookie10 Turkey_Cookie12 Turkey_Cookie11Now you will have some delicious cookie sandwiches to serve at your next Thanksgiving party or even for Thanksgiving dinner. Trust me, if your children are anything like mine, they will absolutely love these!

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