Clutter free homeNeeding a little organization in your home but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg buying things to get there? Well below you will find some awesome DIY hacks for an organized clutter free home. Some of these organization ideas you won’t have to spend anything because you might have it all in your house. Others might cost just a little, but they are all pretty in-expensive. I hope that these easy and cheap organization ideas will help de-clutter your home a little bit.

Organizing Hacks for a Clutter Free Home

Shoe Box DIY Dividers: If you have shoe boxes laying around, put them to good use. Create organizers for your drawers. Simply cut the boxes in half by length or width to fit. Then piece them together to store your undergarments like bras, socks, etc. They will each have their own cubby so you won’t have to dig around to find matching socks.

Picture Frame as Dry-Erase Board: Here is a fun one, if you have a picture frame you are not using then try this. You can add some pretty fabric or cut some scrapbook paper to size of the frame, and place it where the picture would go. Then grab some dry-erase markers and you can write on the glass. This is a great way to write to do lists, grocery lists and more! If you want to get creative add some bling to the frame or even paint it! Just have fun and let your imagination go!

Attach Jars to Underside of Shelves: If you have some small jars like old baby food jars, use them to store nails, buttons, and other small items. Then just attach the lid of each jar to the underside of a shelf. Then twist the jar on to the lid and it will stay in place and be storage. It takes space out of a cabinet and you can see what items you might need. This is great for your mud room or garage.

Ice Trays for Jewelry: If you have extra ice trays, you can use these to store earrings and other small jewelry. Each little spot can have a set of earrings go in it. Then you can place this in a drawer and it is all organized.

Hang Belts From Shower Hooks: Head to your local dollar store and buy some shower hooks. You can then hang your belts from shower hooks in your closet. You can hook multiple hooks onto one hanger, which will optimize your space. You can also do this with your scarves!

Craft Boxes for Hair Accessories: If you have a lot of hair accessories for yourself or maybe a child, grab a craft box. You know the one that has a lot of little compartments. You can store rubber-bands, bobby pins, and more.

Paper Towel Holder for Ribbon: If you have a lot of rolls of ribbon on hand, grab a paper towel dispenser and place your ribbon on it. Then you can keep it all in place and display it, with your pretty ribbon on it!

Tension Rod To Store Cleaners Under Sinks: Grab a tension rod and place in cabinet underneath the bathroom or kitchen sink. Then you can hook your cleaners and scubbers easily. This helps free up some space.

CD Rack to Store Lids: If you have a lot of tupperware, but a metal cd rack. Then you can slide lids in between each slot and they will be easier to grab, instead of rummaging through.

Soap Storage Containers: There are little plastic soap storage containers you can find at your local dollar store, that are awesome. You can store your child’s crayons in them, playing cards and more.

Egg Cartons for Christmas Ornament Storage: If you have some Christmas ball ornaments for the tree that you are needing to put up, grab an egg carton. You can place your decorations in the egg slots. You can store them pretty easy if they are the right size.

Trash Can for Wrapping Paper Storage: If you have an old trash can or find one cheap, use that to store all your wrapping paper. It will be a nice way to store those long tubes, and you can just tuck in the corner of a closet. Then just grab it when you are needing to wrap some gifts.

I hope you find some of these DIY organization ideas helpful. There are so many great ways to organize your home and de-clutter!

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