I know Seven Springs is known for skiing and snowboarding. As Laurel Mountain’s largest resort, and as the innovator behind making artificial snow, it should be. The thing is, you don’t have to be a skier or snowboarder to enjoy an afternoon on the mountain.

Snow Tubing at Seven Springs

As a skier myself, I realize skiing isn’t for everyone and it’s not necessarily something that can be learned in one ski session. Skiing requires balance, strength, and basically being a glutton for punishment. On the other hand, all it takes to do snow tubing is grab an inflatable tube, ride to the top of the hill, and then hurtle to the bottom of a special snow tubing slope without a care in the world. 

True, snow tubing lacks a certain grace that skiing has, but it is something the whole family can enjoy. Even kids as young as 4 can enjoy snow tubing at Seven Springs.

Our Snow Tubing Adventure at Seven Springs

Ryan and I were planning a getaway weekend at Seven Springs Resort and we wanted to take part in some of the winter activities. After a failed skiing trip last year, Ryan wasn’t really feeling like skiing. Instead, we decided to try doing some snow tubing. 

Its been quite a few years since I’d been snow tubing but if you can go sled riding then you can do this as well. You just don’t have to deal with walking back up the hill at the end. 

Like two kids, Ryan and I spent our two hour session going down the hill over and over, sometimes going down together, sometimes racing each other. I may have even taken a few videos such as this one:

The best part about snow tubing is that at the end you aren’t completely exhausted and feeling like you’ve been beaten all over your body. (Ok, maybe that’s just my version of skiing.) This means that you might even still feel up for dinner in the lodge.

Snow Tubing at Seven Springs

The boys have seen the video of Ryan and I snow tubing and they are already asking when they can go too! Hopefully this will be the start of their love of the Laurel Highlands as well.

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