Every so often I just need some girl time. Some time to spend with my girlfriends, doing something fun, and spending time together.

Last Saturday my friend, Ashley, and I decided that we needed one of those girl’s days. About a year ago we had done one of the wine and paint events and we had been talking about the fact that we needed to do it again sometimes soon. After a particularly stressful week, we decided that there was no time better than the present so we decided to do a class at Painting With a Twist.

There are so many class options that it was difficult to choose a painting that we wanted to but we ended up settling on doing the Galaxy Forest. This painting was supposed to be a skyscape of a galaxy with the silhouette of a forest.

We have a studio just a few minutes from our house so we signed up and headed to an afternoon all ages class. Even though there was no wine at this event since it was all ages we still had a blast.

The studio was super accommodating, and the classes are laid back. In fact, I don’t consider myself much of a painter at all but this class is meant for artists of any skill level. The studio will prepare a canvas, easel, palette of paint, brushes, and rinsing water for you ahead of time.

We spent two hours painting, following the instructor’s direction. As I said, I don’t consider myself much of a painter but this painting was coming together really well. At the end, we were instructed to to start making the silhouette of the trees, but I decided to go a little rogue (this is encouraged!) and create a silhouette of the Pittsburgh skyline instead. Using a picture of the skyline I painted some of the city’s iconic buildings as well as a bridge in the foreground.

The picture ended up turning out really well and I got a lot of compliments on it. Although the background was meant to look like a galaxy, I also think it looks a bit like the city during one of their famous fireworks displays.

What is great about the Painting With a Twist creations is that when you are done, no matter what sort of skill level you are at, your painting will be of a quality that you can display in your home. In fact, I hung my painting in the living room of my house.

This day of painting was the perfect Girl’s Day and was a great way to unwind and enjoy some kid-free time. You can sign up for a class at your local studio by visiting the Painting With a Twist website to schedule your class. In fact, they have a variety of classes, including:

  • Kids’  Classes
  • Painting Your Pet
  • Big Canvases
  • Couple’s or BFF Classes
  • Painting with a Purpose (Charity)

You can check out the schedule of paintings, or schedule a class, as well as find out more about Painting with a Twist on their website.

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