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Huggies Little Movers

My son, E, was a little slow to start walking. I was actually worried that he was taking so long to walk. He would cruise around the furniture, but it wasn’t until he was 14 months old that he actually worked up the courage to let go. Once he started though, there was no stopping him. Crawling, walking, rolling — you name it, he was doing it.

So what sort of diaper can handle such a busy baby?

Look for the packages with the Double Grip Strips picture on them!

Huggies Little Movers are the answer to a wiggly baby who is in constant motion! For years, moms have trusted Huggies Little Movers to keep their active babies snug and dry. Huggies Little Movers are made with new Double Grip Strips — soft, durable Velcro strips on the sides and front diaper panel — for an all-around comfort that lasts during those exciting moving moments.   Huggies diapers have always been great for staying on with their wide tabs and easily grippable front, but these new Double Grip Strips give you that extra security that the diaper won’t slip or leak, especially when wet.

We don't have to worry about something like this happening when one of the babies has a wet diaper when we are using Huggies with the Double Grip Strips!
We don’t have to worry about something like this happening when one of the babies has a wet diaper when we are using Huggies with the Double Grip Strips!

In addition to the Double Grip Strips, the Huggies Little Movers diapers feature a SnugFit waistband for all an around stretchy fit. This is especially nice because it helps contain any messes that might otherwise cause up the back leakage.

Recently, we made a trip to Target to pick up some of these new Huggies Little Movers. I admit, I am a couponer and I love getting the most for as little money as possible. When I went to Target, these diapers were on sale for $24.99 and you could score a $10 gift card when you buy two boxes of diapers. Combine this with the Huggies coupons that are always running in the paper, and I was able to not only get the two boxes of diapers but also several containers of wipes and a smaller bag of diapers! With two kids, we for sure go through a lot of diapers!

Sales only last for one week at Target so this deal has ended now, but keep an eye on the Target circulars as they run deals like this fairly often.

To see how the new Double Grip strips really work, check out my video review:

Want to try the new Little Movers for yourself? If so, head over to the Huggies website to grab a coupon for $2 off a pack of diapers.

When did your little one begin to walk?

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