My sister is currently away at college. I know that it is hard on her not being here everyday to see how the boys are growing and changing, so I try to send her lots of photos and videos of them. I know she loves getting the photos, but my sister also has sort of a silly side too so she loves things that are a little quirky. This is why I love sending her video using the new app, Cam Animate! 


Instead of just sending my sister a photo of the boys, I am able to upload the photo into the app, add dozens of adorable animations, banners, illustrations and more to create a unique, personalized, 15-second video greeting. Once I’m finished, not only do I have a super-cute memory to send my sister but it is also something fun and unique. I can also add in a voiceover narration or select a soundtrack to make the video even more fun. 

What is also handy is that the animations that I create with Cam Animate are not limited to just being sent via e-mail or through a message. Once the animation has been created, all I have to do is save it to my iPhone’s camera roll and then it can be shared via social media outlets such as Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram. 

Here is an example of an animation I made to send to my sister from my birthday party. She wasn’t able to make it because of exams, but I wanted her to be able to share some of the fun. I simply uploaded a picture of E and I getting ready to blow out the candles, added the animation that I wanted and then saved it to my phone. Although I didn’t on this one, I could have also added a soundtrack of everyone singing happy birthday to the message also. When I was all done, I was then able to upload it to both Facebook and send it to my sister as a message! 

The Cam Animate app is available on the Apple App Store as a free download. To find out more about Cam Animate, check them out on Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube or on the web

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