BabyOrnament1Decorating the Christmas tree is one of our Christmas traditions that I treasure the most. Our tree isn’t one of those trees that you see in the magazines where the lights, ornaments, and garland all match.

Our tree is eclectic. It is filled with ornaments that we have collected over the years. Ornaments from when my husband and I were young, ornaments from travels, ones the kids have picked, and some that the kids have made. Our tree may be messy, but it tells a story.

A new addition to our tree this year is an ornament I made to celebrate R’s birth. The best part is that it is easy to make and costs less than $5. In the end, you will have a beautiful keepsake to enjoy every year.

BabyOrnament4Time: 20 minutes
Cost: $5

  • Large Clear Ornament
  • Spray Glitter
  • Vellum Paper
  • Scrapbook Embellishments
  • Chipboard Tag
  • Ribbon
  • Baby Memorabilia

How to Make a Commemorative Baby Keepsake Ornament

Begin by gathering some commemorative baby items. I chose one of R’s hospital bracelets, newborn hat, newborn mittens, and hospital pacifier. Pick things that have meaning to you, but are also easy enough to fit inside of the ornament.

BabyOrnament5I lightly sprayed the outside of the ornament with spray glitter. After the spray glitter dried, I added on some new baby scrapbook embellishments.

Then you put the items into the ornament. It may take a little maneuvering to get some of the things inside. I had the most trouble with the hat and the pacifier. It took some wiggling back and forth but then finally went in. I am pretty sure they will never come back out without breaking the ornament, but that’s OK.

The last part of this project was probably what took the longest (which wasn’t really all that long). I printed out a tag that had R’s information such as birth date, time, his weight, and his length on it. I then cut the vellum to the size of the chipboard tag. I glued the vellum paper to the tag and then attached it to the ornament with a ribbon.

BabyOrnament2 BabyOrnament3Now, all you need is to hang it on the tree and you will have a beautiful baby keepsake ornament to display!

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