New Year’s Organizing Revolution: Challenge #1 – Office/Desk Area

OfficeOrganizationI found out at A Bowl Full of Lemons about the New Year’s Organization Revolution and thought I would take part. Since we moved things have just been thrown into that game room haphazardly and in no particular order. Also, because of the general state of chaos in that room, I haven’t been able to actually do any crafting in there.

So I took this opportunity to finally tackle cleaning up this room. We don’t have the budget for me to spend a lot of money on this organization project, nor do I want to. So I took on this project with the intention of only using items that I already have.

Like I said, I am sharing this room with my stepson who also uses it as his game room. That means I pretty much have the closet and half the room to work with, so I need to utilize space as best as I can.

Before getting started, I gathered up any shoe boxes, Rubbermaid containers, and boxes that I wasn’t using. I also got some Sharpies and my labeler.

I set up a desk area in the one corner where I would actually be able to do work. I added in my OttLight and some mini storage bins from Thirty One Gifts. What I love about those storage bins is that they are so portable. I put things that I frequently move around the house in the bins, things such as glues and adhesives in one and paints in another. I store all of the materials that I’m not using in the closet when I am not using them so I had to organize not only my craft table but also the closet.

CraftRoomOrganization copy

I used to keep everything in the storage drawers, but then I wouldn’t be able to find anything. Using the shoe boxes and storage containers, I organized things very specifically. For example, when it came to my scrapbooking supplies I organized the drawers into papers, stencils, embellishments, paper crafting tools, etc. When it came to my beading supplies I organized them into findings, charms, and strung beads. This way, If I was interested in say finding some beads I wouldn’t have to dig through charms, findings, and other materials to find what I want.

ClosetOfficeCleaningCollage copy

I still have two storage drawers, but one holds all of my scrapbook materials and the other holds my soap making, dog collar, and other miscellaneous craft supplies.

OrganizerStorageCollage copy

Now that I organized everything in the room is looks sooo much better and I am so excited to be finally able to use it again. I am thinking that I need a nice print to go above the desk, but it’s not urgent. I also love the fact that I was able to upcycle the shoe organizer is hanging beside the desk. It had been sitting in my closet for the past 6 months not being used, but now I can put it to good use!

How do you think I did? If you like how I did, please vote for my space! I am #127!

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