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HolidayEntertainingWayfair December is always a crazy month for us. In addition to hosting Christmas dinner and other holiday get-togethers, our family also has several birthday’s in December. One of my cousins was born on Christmas Eve, another cousin’s son was born four days before Christmas, and E’s birthday is December 17 — only a week before Christmas. Needless to say, during this month our family does a lot of celebrating and a lot of hosting. Over the years, I have learned what sort of things work and what don’t when it comes to holiday entertaining. That’s why I have brought you this list of my top five holiday entertaining must-haves.

Top Five Holiday Entertaining Must-Haves

1. Multifunctional Food Storage: When it comes to hosting parties, having food prepared ahead of time is invaluable. Some of our favorite go-tos are Buffalo Chicken Dip or Chicken Salad. When you prepare this food ahead of time you want dishes that are able to multitask. Having dishes that can serve as cookware, storage, and serving ware is such a life saver. We just make up with dip or the salad in a container, throw a lid on it, and then bring it out at party time.  2. Beverage Dispenser: The cost of drinks can really add up with you are hosting a party. That’s why I love mixing up some punches and other fun beverages ahead of time. These drinks can cost a fraction of what it would cost to buy bottles of pop or other bottled beverages. Plus, when you make your own drinks you can add more of a personal flare to them! A perfect way to do this is with a beverage dispenser. You can mix up the drinks and put them in the dispensers and your guests can easily serve themselves. 3. A Good Vacuum: Whether you are cleaning the house before the party or are cleaning up the aftermath, you are going to want a good vacuum that can get the job done. You don’t want to have to waste time switching between a handheld vacuum, canister vacuum, and a stick vacuum. Instead choose one that can incorporate all of these features. This will allow you to get the cleaning done quickly and will leave your house as sparkling as that star on the top of the Christmas tree! 4. Wow-Worthy Decorations: Festive decorations are such a huge part of this season. You want your home to look festive and inviting when guests arrive. I love the statement that a bold front door wreath makes. I think it gets people into the party spirit before they even walk through the door! You can also decorate with some accent throw pillows, garlands, stockings, or other table decorations! 5. Functional, yet Stylish Serveware: Whether you are serving chips and dip, a veggie tray, or desserts at your party you want a stylish and functional way to serve them. For both veggies and chips and dip I love the trays or bowls that come with the center insert to hold the dip. This keeps the dip from getting all over the other food and making it soggy, or even just keeps that other food clean enough so you can pack it away when the party is over. If you are doing finger foods or desserts, a tiered tray or a large platter might work well. Then your guests are able to help themselves to what they want to eat without having to touch the other food. I hope this list has given you some ideas on what sorts of things you should have on hand for your next holiday party. The best part? If you found something on this list that you just need to have, you are in luck because right now Third Stop on the Right is participating in a $500 Gift Card giveaway. With that sort of gift card you could buy a couple of EVERYTHING on my list! Just enter through the form below. Also, make sure you include a link to your favorite product when leaving a comment – that’s mandatory in order to win the contest! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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