Instead of fancy dinners, flowers, and chocolates, this year we celebrated Valentine’s Day with the whole family. This year, we took the boys to see Monster Jam at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh.

Ever since we told E that we would be going to Monster Jam he has been so excited. Everytime one of the Monster Jam commercials came on TV, he would say “trucks!” and point to the TV. Then he would go get his toy monster truck. At this point I was 36 weeks pregnant and I knew how excited E was, so I was praying I wouldn’t go into labor beforehand. Luckily, I didn’t.

I, growing up in a family of girls, had never been to a monster truck show before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I really knew about it was what I had seen on the TV commercials.

We had great seats for the event, sitting only six rows back and right behind the center jump. Eight trucks were at the show including Iron Man, Illuminator, Monster Mutt, Zombie, Xtermigator, Ice Cream Man, and of course the legendary Grave Digger. These 12-foot-tall, ten thousand pound trucks performed on a custom track which involved obstacles for them to jump over or smash through.

I was somewhat concerned about whether E, only being 2, would love interest, but he sat and was attentive the whole time! In fact, he was clapping and shouting along with everyone else. Even I, never having been to one of these shows, found it really entertaining.

Monster Jam

Monster Jam Pittsburgh Grave Digger

Monster Jam Monster Mutt

I will note that if you are taking younger children to one of these events, it is really important to take some sort of ear protection. For E, I used a pair of shooting muffs (the kind that you would use at a gun range) and N took a pair of machinery ear plugs. You can also purchase muffs at the event, but they do cost $20, although $20 is worth it instead of risking hurting your kids ears.

To check out whether Monster Jam is coming to a city near where you live, you can check out the events listing on the Monster Jam website. You can also get all of the details about the events, watch video, and check out pictures on the Monster Jam website.

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