Tribeca Wayfair Area RugThree years ago, Mike and I bought a fixer-upper house. We knew that it was going to take a lot of work to get the house where we want it, and although we still have a way to go there are some rooms that just need those special finishing touches. Our dining room is one of those rooms. 

IMG_9649We opted not to set up the dining room as a formal dining area, but instead decided to do it as more of a flexible space which can be used for either entertaining or for whatever daily life throws our way.

We went with laminate hardwood floors in the dining room since we have three super-active boys, I wanted something that could hold up to the abuse the boys dish out. The only problem is that hardwood can be somewhat cold and doesn’t give off the homey feel that I want.

I knew that a large area rug would be the perfect thing for that room. I had already picked out a few colors for the room such as the curtains so I knew that I would want to work around those.

Going from store to store trying to find that perfect rug is not only time-consuming but its also just a hassle. That’s why being able to shop at Wayfair is so convenient. I can compare tons of different rugs in the comfort of my family room — in my pajamas if I want!

WayfairRugI ended up settling on the Wayfair Home Dynamix Tribeca rug. There are several size options for the rug and I chose the 7’x10′ rug. This rug not only compliments the room’s vintage feel but it turns out that it also matches the color of the curtains too!

IMG_9650WayfairRug5One of the final decorative touches I needed for the room was a tablecloth. I had sort of been waiting to determine what sort of rug we were going to get before buying a tablecloth. When the rug arrived at our door and I saw the colors in person, I was so excited because I knew that I had a tablecloth in the closet that matched perfectly. 

Now our dining room finally has that comfortable, homey feel that I had been wanting for quite some time. I was even able to get the window sheers and double curtain rods from Wayfair

Plus, on other sites the shipping costs for shipping an area rug can be crazy. (Rugs are heavy!) With Wayfair, however, any order over $49 ships free so its a win-win. The rug is delivered straight to our door for free and I don’t have to deal with shopping at multiple stores. 

Whenever its time to decorate the next room, Wayfair will be the first place I check out! 

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