Hundred Acres Manor PumpkinIt’s October! This means Halloween is in full force and so are the haunted attractions. For me, haunted houses are sort of a tradition and I’m always checking out new attractions, old favorites, and places said to actually be haunted. It has been quite a few years since I’ve been to Hundred Acres Manor in Pittsburgh’s South Park so we decided to check it out. 

Hundred Acres Manor if You Dare

When it comes to Pittsburgh-area haunted attractions, Hundred Acres Manor is one of the major players, especially since Scare House is taking a year off from its traditional haunt. What makes Hundred Acres Manor unique is that in addition to scaring the brains out of you, it also helps to raise money for local charity. 

Hundred Acres Manor is divided into six themed sections including themes such as Voodoo, Hallow’s Eve, and the Curse — all meant to awaken your innermost fears (yes, mine is the guy with the chainsaw) and get you running for your life. 

Do you dare take on Pittsburgh's Hundred Acres Manor?

I’m not going to spoil the surprise of what you will find or what you will experience inside the attraction, but I will say that for the money you will get a pretty good haunted house experience. The entire walk-through takes almost a half an hour and is full of scares both from humans, mechanical ghouls, and other mind-bending effects. 

While not so scary that you need a waiver, Hundred Acres Manor does rank right up there as far as haunted attractions go. The actors use professional makeup and the quality of the props and scenery is outstanding. There are also several add-ons such as the maze (if getting chased by the chainsaw-wielding maniac is your thing then this is definitely for you) as well as the Buried Alive simulation. 

Ghouls and Ghosts at Hundred Acres Manor

I highly recommend looking into the VIP passes. Yes, it does cost $12 more but it will drastically reduce your wait time. For us it was well worth it. Hundred Acres Manor is open Wednesday through Sunday every week through November 3rd in Pittsburgh’s South Park. For more information, visit


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