kalaharititle Here in Pennsylvania it gets pretty cold in the winter. Cold, snowy and just plain no fun to be outside. This means that the kids can get cabin fever pretty easily. That’s why I decided to surprise the kids and we went to Kalahari Resort in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania. The kids and I have been to the Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio before, but this was the first we had ever been to this location. The boys remembered how much fun they had last time so they were really looking forward to going again. In fact the entire trip they kept asking if we were there yet! In addition to myself and the boys, my mom, sister, and my sister’s boyfriend also came along for the trip. I think my sister and her boyfriend were just as excited as the boys to check out the waterpark. eandmommyselfieWe got there early on the day of check-in, at about 1:30 and our room was already ready so we headed up to the room so we could change and get to the waterpark as soon as possible. I will note that although check-in is usually at 4, if you arrive as early as noon you can still pre-register and get your waterpark wristbands. Another thing that was different this time than the last time we went to Kalahari was that the room keep was actually programmed on a chip inside the waterpark wristband. You can also link a credit card to your room which means that when you are down at the waterpark you don’t need to carry a wallet with you. constructionphase2Currently, the Poconos location is undergoing an expansion which will bring it to 220,000 square feet — making it the largest indoor waterpark in the country! Even without the expansion there is a ton of stuff to do, but I seriously can’t wait to experience some of the new stuff that they are putting in. ethanintubeWith two small kids its really important for there to be a quality kids’ area — especially since they are too small for some of the larger water slides. Kalahari didn’t disappoint. They have a fabulous kids area complete with interactive water tables, mini slides, and even a lazy river just for little ones. babyrkalahariThis is where the boys spent most of their time throughout our trip. They loved that it was just their size and that they could experience the same excitement as everyone else. Plus, it gave them the confidence to be able to go down the slides all by themselves. Another great section of the waterpark for kids is the Splashdown Safari. This are is comprised of additional water slides that are a little bit bigger than the ones in the kiddie area. The boys enjoyed some of these slides as well.

KalahariWaterSlidesOf course, Kalahari isn’t just about lazy rivers and children’s areas. In fact, this location has six impressive water slides for “big kids.” (Myself included.)  I’m honestly not even sure which one was my favorite — they were all that good! babyrflowriderAnother fun attraction at Kalahari was the FlowRider where you can try your hand at stand up surfing or bodyboarding. My sister, her boyfriend, and I did this attraction several times. Baby R was fascinated watching us do it. I think he could have stood there all day and watched! And ladies, I will note that you can wear a surf shirt while experiencing the ride so you don’t have any “wardrobe malfunctions.” outdoorhottubIf you have someone to watch the kids and need some adult time, there are several bars — including a swim-up one and indoor/outdoor hot tub right inside the waterpark. My sister, her boyfriend and I had a little bit of time to ourselves in which we rode the big slides. Afterwards we visited the swim-up bar as well as checked out the outdoor hot tub. Needless to say it was in the single digits outside and my hair froze solid! In addition to the waterpark, there is also shopping, on-site dining, and even a spa at Kalahari Resort. I should note that this was only an overnight trip, but the great thing about Kalahari is that on the day you check out you can continue to use the waterpark until it closes. So, although we checked out at 11 we were able to stay and enjoy the waterpark for another day. The kids absolutely loved going to the waterpark and it was a family experience that we will never forget. To find out more about scheduling your own trip to experience Kalahari Resorts, visit the Kalahari website.

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