I’m teaming up with the Campaign for Fair Education Funding to speak out for students across Pennsylvania. Although I am receiving some form of compensation, all opinions are my own. #FairFundingPA

CFEF1Growing up, I was lucky to have been able to live in a relatively wealthy school district. We always had enough books to read, computers to use and resources at our disposal. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized just how lucky I was.

Some students are not so lucky. No every school in Pennsylvania is funded equally which is why the Campaign for Fair Education Funding was established. Their goal is to have every public school equipped with the resources necessary to enable every child to meet state academic standards, be prepared for post-secondary success, and become productive, knowledgeable, and engaged adults.

When my best friend landed a teaching job in inner city Baltimore, she told me stories about having to buy supplies for her classroom out of her own paycheck. The school lacked technology and had low graduation rates. This situation is not unique to Baltimore though. Schools here in Pennsylvania are struggling to educate students. According to a 2015  National Center on Education Statistics report, Pennsylvania has the widest funding gap between wealthy and poor school districts of any state in the country.

It is this gap that has made me passionate about securing the next generation’s educational future. A child’s success should never be dependent upon their zip code. Unfortunately, this is often the case from rural to urban areas across the commonwealth.

School districts with large tax bases, lots of commercial development and thriving industries are often the districts that have access to books, supplies and technology. These are also the districts that have the funds for extracurricular activities.

Then there are districts in more depressed areas. These districts may be located in areas where industries are dying and commercial ventures aren’t popping up. These are the districts where kids suffer the most. 

When schools don’t have the resources to provide students with a quality education they deserve, what sort of chances do these students have for a quality future?

No student should ever have to go without books. No student should ever not be able to use a computer. No student should ever not graduate.


These are just a few of the reasons I am so passionate about the Campaign for Fair Education Funding and the need for Pennsylvania to adopt and maintain an adequate and equitable system of funding public education.

CFEF3It isn’t just adults that are concerned about Pennsylvania’s funding gap, but students are also interested in the issue. Hear Me, part of Carnegie Mellon University’s Create Lab, interviewed students across Pennsylvania and produced a podcast about their thoughts on the current state of public school education funding. You can listen to the podcast HERE

Using the Hear Me program, I had a chance to talk to my neighbor, Brianna, who is going into 9th grade in Greater Latrobe School District. She told me a little bit about what she would like to see in their schools.


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Education FundingBy Brianna, 15

It is important for us Pennsylvanians to speak out about the importance of fair education funding. To find out about what you can do, visit the Campaign for Fair Education Funding’s website. It only takes 5 minutes to tell your lawmakers to give students in every school a fair shot at academic success. Click here to find your state Representative and Senator, and let them know that all students should have equal access to a quality education regardless of where they live.

You can find out more ways to get involved at the Campaign for Fair Education Funding’s website and make sure that a quality education is available for ALL Pennsylvania’s students.

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