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Copyright: puenny / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: puenny / 123RF Stock Photo

So now that winter is over, in addition to cleaning my house I have also been meaning to clean my car. After all of those long months of winter, dirt, rocks, and debris have accumulated on the floor mats. However, it is not just the inside of my car that needs attention. Now that the warm weather is (hopefully) here to stay it’s time to run the car through the car wash!

Not only do the kids love it when we take the car to the car wash, but there are a lot of benefits to the car itself. Here are just a few of these benefits:

Your Car Is a Reflection of Self

There’s no question your car is a reflection on you. Whether it is a rugged truck, sleek sports card, or maybe even a multifunctional SUV, your vehicle represents who you are, where you’ve been, and where you intend to go. So, if you haven’t given your vehicle a wash in a while, what does that say about you? You wouldn’t head to work without a shower, so why shouldn’t you show that same respect for your car?

This doesn’t mean that you have to wash your car yourself, though! Check out WaterSavers professional car washes which can get your car sparking again! WaterSavers professional car washes use an average of 40 gallons of fresh water or less per car, according to the International Carwash Association. As a frame of reference, that 10 minute shower you took used 25 gallons of fresh water. WaterSavers washes also recycle and filter the water to prevent harmful chemicals from entering groundwater supplies that feed rivers and streams. 

Regular Car Washes Also Protect Your Paint Job

That beautiful factory paint job will dull and begin to chip away if you don’t maintain it. Regularly washing your car and waxing it will help keep your car looking as good as it did when you pulled out of the dealer lot. This is especially important for areas such as Pennsylvania where our cars are subjected to a lot of rock salt over those winter months, not to mention extreme cold and dampness. 

Washing Your Car Helps Retain It’s Value

Although mechanical issues tend to take precedence over cosmetic issues, but stains and rusting can drastically decrease the value of the vehicle over time. Especially after a long winter, exposure to the elements can cause damage. Professional car washes thoroughly clean the undercarriage of your vehicle, where there may be a buildup of road salt that could cause corrosion to the car’s exhaust and muffler system.

For more information about the benefits of keeping your car clean, as well as to find a location near you, the WaterSavers website or check them out on Facebook and Twitter.


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