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Earn Rewards for Buying the CRYSTAL LIGHT You Love! #sponsored

by Rachel
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This is a Lunchbox sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


I earned 100 points for buying this CRYSTAL LIGHT Liquid!

We are supposed to be drinking 64 ounces of water a day. For some people drinking this much water is no problem. For other people, such as myself, that can seem like a monumental task. I have nothing against water, but sometimes it just gets, well, boring. Honestly, when given the choice between water or a juice of some sort I would immediately choose the juice. The only problem is, while juice tastes good, it is also loaded with calories. Thankfully, for people like me, there is an alternative.

My family loves CRYSTAL LIGHT. It is only 5 calories per serving and it tastes great! My two-year-old is also just like me in that he won’t drink just plain water. I hesitate to give him a lot of juice because not only is that a lot of sugar and calories, but it is also crazy EXPENSIVE. With CRYSTAL LIGHT I can give him some flavored water and not have to worry about him getting a bunch of bad stuff. 

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What I like even more than refreshing drinks that the whole family enjoys is getting rewarded for something I would be buying anyway. Right now, Kraft Foods (the maker of CRYSTAL LIGHT) and Miranda Lambert have partnered to bring you a fantastic way to earn rewards when you buy CRYSTAL LIGHT products at Walmart, called Platinum Points! 

The program is simple. Create an account with Platinum Points, buy participating CRYSTAL LIGHT products at Walmart stores, scan your receipt, and earn rewards points! In fact, you only need to buy one CRYSTAL LIGHT product to get a reward, an exclusive Miranda Lambert song download! Plus, when you sign up and use promo code mirandamw you will receive 30 points automatically which is a nice start to getting you toward your goal!


 My sons and I were out at Walmart the other day, and we decided to pick up some CRYSTAL LIGHT (we were running low anyway). Some of our favorite products are the CRYSTAL LIGHT LIQUID and the CRYSTAL LIGHT canisters. Check out how many points you can get for each of YOUR favorites!

  • CRYSTAL LIGHT Sugar Free On The Go Packs = 100 pts each
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT On The Go Multipacks = 100 pts each
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT Canisters = 100 pts each
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT LIQUID = 100 pts each
  • CRYSTAL LIGHT Jumbo Products = 200 pts each
  • Miranda Lambert Platinum CD = 300 pts each

We probably go through at least one liquid and one canister every two weeks which would would earn us 400 points in a month! This would put us well on our way to some great rewards. 

Speaking of what you can you can redeem your points for here are some of the great rewards the Platinum Points program is offering:

  • 100 pts = Miranda Lambert Automatic (Acoustic) Song Download
  • 800 pts = Miranda Lambert Platinum CD
  • 800 pts = Miranda Lambert Platinum Mug
  • 1000 pts = Miranda Lambert Platinum Tumbler
  • 1200 pts = Platinum Rhinestone Ladies T-Shirt
  • 5000 pts = Miranda Lambert Logo Guitar
  • 8000 pts = Miranda Lambert Signed Guitar

Your friends can also help you reach your goal when you refer them to the program! Not only will your friends earn 25 points instantly for signing up, but you will also receive 10 points for each friend you refer who signs up. Those points can add up fast!

What reward are you earning points for?

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