AmericanFlagWreath_titleThe Fourth of July is only a week away. We no longer have a flag pole in front of our house, but I still wanted to be able to honor our country on the Fourth of July. That is when I came up with this idea to create a simple, yet powerful American flag wreath for our front door. The best part is that you can make one of these wreaths in less than 15 minutes and for less than $10.

AmericanFlagWreath2All you need to make this wreath is a 3’x5′ American flag; an approximately 28″ in diameter grape vine wreath; and a few zip ties. 

AmericanFlagWreath3I folded the flag in half long-ways. I used the grommet on the back of the wreath to put one zip-tie in. I then cut a small slit in the opposite corner of the flag to put a zip-tie in. 

AmericanFlagWreath4I then cinched the zip ties and attached the top of the flag to the back part of the wreath.

AmericanFlagWreath5After securing the top of the flag to the back of the wreath, flip the wreath over to the front. Then, thread the flag through the flag as shown in the picture above.

AmericanFlagWreath6Then, fold the flag so that the unsecured edge is pointing up toward the top of the wreath again.

AmericanFlagWreath7Finally, thread the flag back over the edge so that it is wrapped around the edge of the wreath.

You are done! 

AmericanFlagWreath1You now have a very simplistic, but in my opinion, powerful American symbol to display on your front door. 


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