This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Motherhood on behalf of UPMC. I have been compensated by UPMC as part of this campaign.

I feel like I am always busy. I’m always trying to balance work, taking care of the kids, taking care of the house. It doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for much else. Particularly time for getting sick.

Over the summer (2017), I woke up feeling sick. My sinuses hurt, my throat was raw, and I had a slight fever. I knew I needed to see a doctor but I also had deadlines and a ton of things that needed to be done. I certainly didn’t have time to spend an hour or more in a doctor’s office waiting room.

So, what is a busy mom to do?

I had seen commercials for the new UPMC Anywhere Care app, and I (UPMC patient) decided to give it a try.

This app is a real-time video consultation with a UPMC doctor. This can be accomplished through an app on a tablet or mobile device, or even a webcam on a desktop.

The app is free and visits start at $49, however, for UPMC Health Plan, the cost is similar to a PCP copay. In fact, for me, it cost less than a PCP copay.

The best part is that I can complete a visit from the comfort of my own home. I don’t even have to get out of my pajamas! Doctors can even call in prescriptions to your local pharmacy.

If you live outside of PA you can still use the UPMC Anywhere Care app. The only difference is that anyone outside of PA will access doctors staffed from American Well (Online Care Group).

This app is perfect for working adults, busy moms, college students, and anyone else who doesn’t have the time (or desire) to sit in a waiting room.

The flu can spread quickly. But downloading our app is quicker. We’re in the peak of cold and flu season, and we know how difficult it is as a parent to see our loved ones sick and want to do whatever they can, as quickly as they can, to make their little one feel better. Thankfully, help is only a download away. With UPMC AnywhereCare, you can see a
medical professional on any device.

Download the mobile app or bookmark the URL on your desktop. After signing up for an account you can start your visit. Additionally, you can find out more about UPMC Anywhere Care on UPMC’s HealthBeat blog.

Don’t spend extra time sitting in a waiting room. Instead take back your time with the UPMC Anywhere Care app.

In addition, UPMC Health Plan is giving away digital thermometers to help parents during cold and flu season, along with instructions on how to download and use the UPMC AnywhereCare app. Those who make a free UPMC AnywhereCare account by March 5 are automatically entered to win.

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