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Fall is in the air, so that means it’s time to start breaking out the Fall and Halloween decorations! These candy corn inspired candle holders were one of my first projects of the season, and I have to say that I absolutely love the way they turned out! The best part of these candle holders is that they are inexpensive to make and super easy!

Budget: $5 to $15

Time Involved: 2 hours (this is mainly because of the time it takes for the paint to dry)

Materials: Mason Jars or Wine Bottles (I showed both); Orange, Yellow, and White Paint; Ribbon; Pillar Candle


I started out with a clear wine bottle and two clear mason jars. (Clear will look better when it is painted.) When I did these example bottles, I didn’t have any orange spray paint so instead I used orange craft paint. In hindsight, after the project was over, I would have definitely used spray paint instead. It it less time consuming and gives you a much more even finish.


What you will do is spray paint the colors on either Orange, Yellow, then white, or do it White, Yellow, then Orange. If you choose to use craft paint, you will want to use painters tape between the color layers. You can see on the above picture the difference in when I used the paint and the painters tape and when I spray painted freehand. Like I said before, if I did this project again I would much rather do the spray paint.

When you are spray painting the layers, make sure you use a nice even coat. If you make it too thick the pain will begin to run and you will get streaks on the bottle. Also if you choose to spray the paint on freehand, just hold the top of the bottle or the jar and rotate it slowly while spraying.

You want to make sure each layer of spray paint is completely dry before starting the next layer. If you try to do the new layer too soon you risk smudging or wiping off some of the paint. After all of the layers are dry, I used a spray glitter to put a light coating of glitter all over the outside of the bottles and jars. 

After the paint and the glitter have dried it is time to put on the ribbon. I just used a small line of hot glue and glued the ribbon right along the edge where the orange meets the yellow. I then just tied a small bow and glued it to the bottle.


As for the candles, I used a small pillar candle in the wine bottle candle holder. I then used a lighter to melt some of the wax at the top of the candle so it would drip down the sides. This is just for effect. You can choose whether you want to do that or not. In the jars I added some tea lights which provide just a nice glow. 


This is a beautiful fall centerpiece that will surely get you in the fall spirit!

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