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WallArt12When you are pregnant (especially with your first) planning the perfect nursery is a big deal. With E, I spent a lot of time planning out the perfect nursery. I put so much time and love on planning that nursery that when I got pregnant with Baby R when E was only 18 months old I knew that I was going to keep the theme in the nursery and instead create a “big boy” room for E. 

Nursery Wall ArtNursery Wall ArtBaby R is now 18 months old and this means that I have had the same nursery theme for almost 4 years and it has gotten a little stale. Additionally, Baby R deserves a room decorated just for him and reflects is budding little personality.

The only problem is that I don’t have a lot of money to do a huge overhaul, nor do I have the time to take on painting walls and making new curtains. Thankfully, I found these Disney Baby bedding sets at Walmart. Baby R loves our goldfish, Nemo, and squeals “fishy!” every time he sees it. That’s why when I saw the Finding Nemo bed set, I knew I had to get it. 

WallArt5What is even better is that not only is this set appropriate for a boy, but it also features the same greens and yellow that I already had in Baby R’s nursery. The Disney Baby bedding sets come with a dust ruffle, fitted sheet, and quilt. I switched out my former bedding set with the new Finding Nemo one and it meshed with the accents I already had in the room perfectly. 

However, it still needed a little more of a personal touch. That’s why I decided to make him some personalized, fish-themed hanging wall art.

WallArt3Personalized, Fish-Themed Hanging Wall Art

When I moved E into his toddler room, I made him a cute, race-car themed personalized wall art. I had been meaning to do one for Baby R, but finding the time was challenging and I didn’t get around to it. 

I’m now in the process of “refreshing” Baby R’s nursery so I decided this was the time for making that wall art. Since the theme of the nursery was now going to be Finding Nemo I decided to make the wall art fish-themed.

I was able to purchase all of the materials for less than $20. The beauty of it is that you can get exactly the wall art you want at just a fraction of the cost of one of those premade ones.

I started started out by spray painting the cardboard letters. I chose the pale blue since it would complement the colors of the room. I also spray painted a 5 foot-long dowel rod the same color of blue. 

WallArt6After the letters dried I used a hot glue gun to secure three wooden sea animals to the letters. 

WallArt7Now comes the most difficult part of the project — attaching the ribbon. This may seem easy but you want to make sure that the letters line up evenly. The easiest way I found to do this is to cut equal lengths of ribbon for each letter. In my case I cut five lengths of two feet each. 

WallArt4Using a Sharpie, I made a line 1 inch high on each end of the ribbon. I also put hash marks three inches apart on the back of each letter. Then, I lined up the lines at the mark on the top of each letter. This makes sure that you use the same amount of ribbon on each letter so that they hang evenly. 

After you have attached all of the ribbon just put the dowel rod through the loop in the ribbon. 

At this point, I was just about to add the hanging ribbon but I just wasn’t sure that it looked “finished.” That’s when I remember that I had some unfinished wooden knobs in our kitchen drawers. I spray painted the knobs with the same paint as the letters and the dowel rod. Then I glued the knobs to the ends of the dowel rod. 

WallArt2To finish off the project, I cut a long piece of ribbon about 7 feet long. I tied the ribbon to each end of the dowel rod. To keep it from slipping, I put a small amount of hot glue between the ribbon and the dowel. Then I made a looped bow to add to the top (and also hide the nail in the wall). 

WallArt10It turned out perfect! I am so glad that Baby R now has his own personalized wall art as well as his own bedding set. He definitely deserves it! 😉

unnamed-24You can purchase the Disney Baby bedding sets at Walmart. Some of the other sets include Let’s Go Mickey, Minnie Happy Day, Lion King Jungle, as well as three new Cinderella, Ariel and Monsters Inc. sets. They are all so cute and have a variety of colors to match any nursery theme.

Additionally, you can purchase other cute Disney Baby products such as blankets to help compliment your nursery theme. The best part is that they are all affordably priced so that your nursery refresh won’t break the (piggy) bank!

Now that you’ve seen how I’ve refreshed Baby R’s nursery, what are your ideas for refreshing a nursery on a budget?



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  1. That is so cute! I love the name art. I can see updating it as kids grow to reflect their new tastes and favorites – and continue matching your bedding! #client

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