I received a product sample in order to facilitate my review, however all thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

SandWaterTable1I love encouraging imaginative play with the boys. Not only does it keep them entertained and away from the television, but it also helps expand their creativity. One toy that allows the boys to do just this is the Little Tikes Treasure Hunt Sand & Water Table

SandWaterTable4I love the mining theme of this set. The boys especially like it since they watch those gold and gem mining shows with Mike. Now they can pretend in our own backyard.

SandWaterTable7The table was really easy to set up. I didn’t need any tools and it took less than 15 minutes. What’s nice is that the set is pretty compact so you don’t need a ton of space. The sand table can hold up to 50 pounds of sand and the blue basin part can be used for both water play as well as a cover for the sand table. Just dry out the lid if you are using it for water and then put it on top of the sand table. It fits perfectly and will keep the sand clean and dry.

SandWaterTable5What I love is that the sand table and water basin can be used either separately or together. This way, if the weather is cooler and I don’t want the boys playing in water, I simply don’t fill the water section. 

SandWaterTable9If the boys decide to play in both the sand and the water, by having a separate section for the water, it is easy enough to dump out the water when the boys are done playing. 

SandWaterTable2SandWaterTable3SandWaterTable8This set includes 12 accessories including a boat, train cart, pretend coins and diamonds, rake, and circular sand sifter. The boys love using the tools to dig for buried “treasure” and use the train cart to transport the treasure from the sand section and dump it into the water section. I love that by the boys playing in the sand and water exposes them to different sensory elements as well as allowing them to explore their creativity. 

SandWaterTable6They have spent hours playing with the table so far and I anticipate it getting many, many more hours of use. Plus, since children can use whatever toys they wish with the table it can grow with the boys. During the winter months you can even clean out the sand, bring the table inside, and use it as a rice table. 

SandWaterTable10You can purchase the Little Tikes Treasure Hunt Sand & Water Table directly from Little Tikes as well as at retailers such as Amazon and Target

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