WubbaNub Baby Pacifier

As parents we all know the scenario: the baby is fussing so you give him a pacifier, but before you can even sit back down, the pacifier falls out and the crying starts again! This can go on for what seems like forever.

Having a two month old baby, this is a scenario that I am familiar with. Very familiar with. In my desperation to get a little bit of peace, I scoured Google trying to come up with a solution to R spitting out his pacifier. There was one product that kept coming up over and over on the message boards, the WubbaNub.

The WubbaNub Infant Pacifier begins with a standard Soothie pacifier — the kind that you get at the hospital when your baby is born. The pacifier is then permanently attached to an adorable plus character such as a frog, dog, duck, or lion. This prevents that pacifier from being lost, dropped, or forgotten.


You might be wondering how a simple plush animal can do this. The weight and size of the plush animal keeps the WubbaNub near your baby, and makes it easy for them to grasp and manipulate it. I started giving R a WubbaNub when he is sitting in his seat or his bouncy. The plush animal will lay on his chest and help keep the pacifier from falling out as easily. This is perfect when he is fussy and I am trying to get things done (like write this post!) and don’t have time to sit and hold the pacifier in.

At $12.99, the WubbaNub is a little more expensive than most pacifiers, but the way I look at it is if the WubbaNub can help R keep in a pacifier and give me a few additional minutes of peace, it is worth it!

You can purchase a WubbaNub at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Diapers.com, and Amazon. For a complete list of stores where you can purchase a WubbaNub, visit the WubbaNub website. You can also connect with WubbaNub on Facebook.


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  1. This item was great and adorable. For a baby shower I put this wubbanub and a few baby bottles in a basket as a gift. Very affordable.

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