Crate Wall Storage

We have a rather small master bathroom. It meets our needs, but the only thing I would have loved to have had would be a linen closet. I could have stored the towels under the sink, but then there would be no place for toiletries, cleaning supplies, and of course the toilet paper. Things could get very cluttered, very quickly.

Since we are pressed for space in the bathroom it is important that we use the space efficiently. I also didn’t want to spend a fortune. Then, I found a solution that would give me the storage I needed and costs less than $50!


I made this wall crate storage system using two wooden crates from Joann Fabrics, four shelf brackets, and some paint. Each crate cost approximately $10, and you can pick up the shelf brackets at Home Depot or Lowes for about $5 a piece. The paint was left over from painting the wainscoting and the trim so the cost was negligible.


First and foremost, be sure to anchor the crates to the wall. The brackets are there to lend additional support, but if the crates aren’t anchored to the wall they may get bumped and fall. This is not something you want!


After you have attached the crates and the brackets you can then add in the towels! I found that by rolling the towels you can fit more towels in the crate and it looks neater.

 What clever things have you done to organize your bathroom?

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