GardenFairyGlobe_FinishedWMI have been wanting to make a garden fairy terrarium for a while now. I love fairies and I also love miniatures so this fairy globe was the perfect fit. I knew that this would be perfect for in my sunroom — which looks out onto my garden and my pond.

Here are the materials you will need:

  • Glass hanging terrarium
  • Small piece of cardboard
  • Several cut twigs
  • Moss
  • Miniature fairy
  • Miniature floral elements
  • Ladder miniature
  • Hot glue

A glass terrarium, cardboard, and pieces of twigs are set out for the project.Begin by cutting four pieces of the twigs for the fair bed legs. You will want to cut four additional, thinner pieces of twigs for the bed posts. Be mindful of how tall the pieces you are cutting are. You want to make sure that the bed can fit into the terrarium when you are done!

Pieces of twigs glued onto a piece of cardboard.Glue the four bed legs to the piece of cardboard and also glue the four bed posts to the other side of the piece of cardboard.

Twigs are glued on to a piece of cardboard along with other pieces of twigs for the bed support.Next, cut four additional pieces of twig, two large and two small, which will serve as bed supports. Glue these to the bed legs.

Start gluing the moss to the piece of cardboard. You will keep doing this until the cardboard is completely covered.

Fairy bed covered in moss and embellished with white leavesAfter gluing down the moss, you will want to embellish the bed with the floral elements. For me, I chose some white leaves, tiny roses, and mushrooms. I glued these onto various spots on the bed.

I then put a thick layer of glue on the bottom of the fairy and glued her so that she was sitting on the bed.

This next part is a little tricky. You will want to carefully place the fairy bed into the glass terrarium.

Add a mixture of dirt, leaves, moss, and sticks to the bottom of the terrarium. Make sure that you add enough to cover the entire bottom of the terrarium. Glue the ladder miniature to the edge of the fairy bed.

FairyInGlobeGardenFairyGlobe_FinishednoWMOnce I was done with the fairy globe, I hung it out on my sunroom. It brought that magical look I wanted to the room. Plus, the boys thought that the fairy was pretty neat!

This garden fairy globe would also look great in a bay window or even as a freestanding piece!

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