StringEggs1aEach year, I like doing some simple decorating projects with the boys. This not only gives them a sense of accomplishment as they get to decorate the house with items they’ve made, but it also gives them exposure to different feels and textures.

This year, we decided to do some yarn Easter eggs decorations. These are really quite simple and the supplies cost next to nothing. 

StringEggs4All you need for this project are several balloons, yarn, white school glue, cooking spray, and scissors. Cut your yarn into strands that are about two feet long. You will need seven or eight of these pieces for each balloon. 

StringEggs3Blow the balloons up until they are about the size of a softball, or maybe a bit larger. 

StringEggs5You will then want to mist the balloons with some cooking spray. This will keep the glue from sticking to the balloon too much.

Pour the white glue into a bowl or onto a plate. Dip the yarn into the glue, making sure that you have covered the whole piece. After it is covered with the glue, run it between your thumb and forefinger to remove any excess glue. Then wrap it around the balloon, making sure to crisscross strands so that they will stick together. 

StringEggs6After I wrapped all of the yarn strands I then used a clothes pin to clip the bottom of the balloon and hand it from a hanger to dry. You will probably want to let this dry overnight.

After the balloons have dried, carefully pop the balloon with a pair of scissors and remove the balloon.

StringEggs2Now you have cute, yarn Easter eggs that you can display in your home! The best part is that your children can easily help too!

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