CandyEasterBasket1Teenagers and preteens seem to be ridiculously hard to make Easter baskets for — especially teen boys. This may be because you can’t exactly stick a baseball bat or a skateboard in a basket, or maybe because each one of their video games seems to cost $60-75, which is a little out of Easter basket price range.

One thing that most kids like though is candy. Why not consider making an edible candy Easter basket? They are really easy to make, and the best part is since the basket is edible you don’t have to worry about storing a big, bulky basket for the rest of the year.

CandyEasterBasket2I decided to make a bit of a larger basket, but you can also make a smaller version of this too. I used 10 of the movie-theater-sized boxes of candy that you can buy at your local grocery store. Since I know the bottom would need a little extra support I used a thicker piece of cardboard. 

CandyEasterBasket3I set up the boxes first just so I knew what would fit best where. I then hot glued four boxes to the piece of cardboard to make the basket bottom.

CandyEasterBasket4After I had all of the boxes for the bottom glued down, I trimmed off the excess cardboard.

IMG_9627Then, using hot glue, I put two boxes on each side of the basket and one box on the ends.

CandyEasterBasket6This made a cute little basket where I could then add some Easter grass, extra candy, and even a few small presents. Because it was only glued together with hot glue, each of the candy boxes should be able to be easily removed to be eaten.

CandyEasterBasket7My “basket” doesn’t have a handle because I for the life of me couldn’t find any rope Nerds or licorice. Plus, I didn’t think a preteen boy would really like a ribbon handle. Of course, you could get creative with some other ideas for a handle such as a T-shirt, jump rope, or other items of that nature.

Have you ever done anything creative with your kids’ Easter baskets?

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