As newborns, both E and R were swaddled. The only problem was, both of them were very strong and within just a couple of months, they were breaking free from their swaddles. Unfortunately, (for me) neither of them were “ready” to go completely without a swaddle though. Without the swaddle, both boys would startle, flail their arms around, and before I knew it they would be crying. 

Lack of sleep was the hardest thing for me to adjust to, so this regression was really hard on me. There were plenty of nights that I would just sit in bed and cry and pray for them to go to sleep. Then, the Zipadeezip answered my prayers. 


The Zipadeezip by Sleeping Baby is a great alternative to traditional pajamas or, as I used it, a swaddle transition. This swaddle alternative provides the same womb-like feeling as a traditional swaddle, but with the Zipadeezip the baby’s arms and legs are free to move, and the baby is able to roll and wiggle around their crib safety. This gives me piece of mind, as I knew that a baby being able to roll while being swaddled puts that baby at a much higher risk of SIDS (something that scares me to death!).

The Zipadeezip has enclosed arms and legs so that the baby cannot scratch their faces or grab their feet. The sack provides just enough resistance to suppress the startle reflex but still allow the baby to move freely. 

I started R out using the Zipadeezip while he was napping. After a few days of it going well (and him actually sleeping!) that we then moved on to using it at night. He really seemed to take to it. After a few weeks his night sleep had improved and he was sleeping longer stretches and no longer using the swaddle!

What is also nice about the Zipadeezip is that it can be used over a regular pair of pajamas or a onesie. They come in some very cute patterns, and they even come in fleece (which can come in handy for these super-cold Pennsylvania winters that are on their way!). 


I would HIGHLY recommend this product for anyone who is having trouble transitioning from a swaddle. You can purchase a Zipadeezip swaddle transition sack directly from the website. You can also connect with Sleeping Baby and the Zipadeezip through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

For a limited time, if you use the coupon code SLEEP you can take $2 off of your purchase. Your sleep will thank you for it!


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  1. Best technique to get my LO to sleep was dancing/swaying and singing to him. Now that he’s 15 months he would rather have an extremely warm bottle of milk and a dark room with the sound machine on.

  2. These are so cute! I really wish I had known about this before. We are trying to transition our 2nd baby into a crib and it’s been quite challenging. Two very sleepy parents! I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Tried ordering from the website but they’re out of stock.

    1. I have emailed the winner and am just waiting on their response before I announce. If I don’t hear from that winner then I will choose another.

  3. I hope I win a Zipadee-Zip! I have heard nothing but great things from this company and product 🙂

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