It has happened to me so many times. I find a fabulous deal in one of the weekly ads, and I just know that there is a coupon for it. The only problem is I have no idea where to find that particular coupon. Sure, I could search through each insert page by page, trying to find that specific coupon, but why would I do that when I could simply use a coupon database?

A searchable coupon database like the one I’ve created HERE is such a great tool because it will save you both time and money. If you find a good deal but don’t know where, or even if, there is a coupon you can search the database. If there’s a coupon, the database will tell you what insert the coupon is in and when the coupon expires. If it is a printable coupon, you can print directly from a link on the database. 

This database will become an invaluable tool in your couponing career. It will allow you to be more efficient in your match ups and will help you save more money. Bookmark the database and return often! 

Have you tried the database yet?

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